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Released: 2023.04.28





【CJ】In general, what would you say is your—your ideal breakfast?

【Alex】Oh, let’s see. So my ideal breakfast is usually Japanese food. So…and I’m from America, but I love Japanese food, and oftentimes it makes me feel better than what a lot of American breakfasts make me feel. (laughs)



【CJ】Oh, you mean, like, physically?

【Alex】Yeah, physically feel better, yeah.

【CJ】Yeah, I get you.

【Alex】So, I like, like miso soup and maybe salad and some kind of main thing. But sometimes, when I’m feeling like I miss family or something, I might want the kinds of things my mom made.

【CJ】Of course.

【Alex】Especially on weekends, she would make, like French toast or pancakes or something.


【Alex】And then, when I lived in the Southwest, I got really hooked on breakfast burritos.


【Alex】So, I do like sometimes the Southwest breakfast with the Mexican food, or the New Mexican food also.

【CJ】Yeah, sounds nice.

【Alex】How about you? Yeah, how about you? What’s your ideal breakfast?

【CJ】Well, Alex I have to say I’m the exact opposite. The exact…


【CJ】The exact opposite. So I’ll tell you a very, very quick story.


【CJ】First time I came to Japan, my buddy and I stayed in a ryokan.


【CJ】And, you know, we’re making our plans and it says “free breakfast.” So I’m thinking…you know what I’m thinking!

【Alex】Yeah, yeah.

【CJ】What comes to my mind


【CJ】as long as I’ve been alive, any hotel, any kind of place I’ve stayed in…


【CJ】continental breakfast, eggs, bacon…


【CJ】…you know, the whole thing, right?

【Alex】Right, right.

【CJ】So that’s—that’s what I had in my head.


【CJ】I’m thinking, “that’s what we’re going to be having.” Well, of course…I don’t know if you’ve ever stayed in a ryokan but that’s not…

【Alex】Yes, I have.

【CJ】…that’s not—that’s not what we have.

【Alex】(laughs) It’s very different.

【CJ】And we were very shocked. We shouldn’t have been, but we were just kind of surprised because we thought, “Oh, this will be a great place to stay because they’re going to have…you know, they have free breakfast so we can eat, you know, pancakes and cereal,” and that didn’t happen. So anyway…


【CJ】…that is my ideal breakfast.

【Alex】Yes, yeah.

【CJ】The stuff you mentioned earlier. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, you know?

【Alex】Yeah, the kinds of things mom makes. (laughs)

【CJ】Those kind of things. Exactly. I miss those things. I do. I miss those things.

【Alex】Yeah, yeah. Sometimes I miss that too.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. Why does Alex prefer Japanese breakfasts to American breakfasts?
  2. What food did Alex get hooked on while living in the American Southwest?
  3. What did CJ and his friend expect when they saw “free breakfast” advertised at a ryokan on their first trip to Japan?



  1. The food in Japanese breakfasts makes her feel better than the foods in American breakfasts.
  2. She got hooked on breakfasts burritos and other Mexican/New Mexican dishes.
  3. They expected the “free breakfast” would offer foods similar to American continental breakfasts at American hotels.



Alex and CJ discuss their favorite breakfast foods. For Alex, her ideal breakfast is centered around Japanese food, since that food usually makes her feel better physically than American food.

That said, Alex often misses the sorts of food her mother would make her, such as pancakes or French toast. And when she was living in the American Southwest, she got hooked on breakfast burritos and other Mexican and New Mexican dishes.

CJ describes himself as exactly the opposite of Alex in terms of breakfast tastes. To illustrate, CJ tells a story of when he and his friend went on their first trip to Japan.

In the story, CJ and his friend stayed at a ryokan that advertised “free breakfast.” This made them think that they would be offered food similar to that found at a continental breakfast at an American hotel. However, the food on offer was quite different and took them both by surprise.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) In general(一般的に)

“in general”は「一般的に」を意味する表現です。意味と使い方は “generally”とほぼ同じですが、より口語的な響きがあります。基本、文頭で使われ、例えば、「一般的に、日本食は健康的です」は “In general, Japanese food is healthy.”と言います。

  • In general, Japanese cars are reliable.
  • In general, I work out three to four times a week.
  • In general, I skip breakfast and just drink coffee.

2) Oftentimes(しばしば)

“oftentimes”は何かが頻繁に起こることを表し、「しばしば」を意味します。意味は“often”とほぼ同じですが、個人的な感覚からいうと“oftentimes”は文頭で使われる傾向があるのに対し、“often”は文中で使われることが多いように思います。例えば、「私は電車の中で英語を勉強することが多いです」は“Oftentimes, I study English on the train.”と言いますが、“often”を使う場合は、“I often study English on the train.”と言った方が自然な響きがあります。

  • Oftentimes, my cat wakes me up at 4 AM.
  • Oftentimes, I go hiking on the weekends.
  • Oftentimes, buses in LA run late.

3) Make someone ~(人を〜の状態にする)

“make someone~”は人を幸せな気持ちにさせたり、悲しませたり、怒らせたり、笑わせたりするなど、相手の気持ちやムードを変化させる時に使われます。例えば、「私の子供は私を幸せにしてくれる」は “My kids make me happy.”、悲しいドキュメンタリーを見て泣いた場合は、“That documentary made me cry.”のように表現します。

  • Our teacher is funny and always makes us laugh.
  • I can’t believe he said that to you. That makes me mad.
  • Your haircut looks great. It makes you look younger.

4) Some kind of(ある種の)

“some kind of”は「ある種の」や「何かしら」を意味し、あることについて詳しく知らない時や漠然としたことを表す時に使われます。例えば、納豆を外国人に説明する時に、“It’s some kind of fermented beans.(豆を発酵させたようなものです)”のように表現できます。

  • I’m not exactly sure what I ate, but it was some kind of fish.
  • I heard Tony is caught up in some kind of trouble.
  • We need to come up with some kind of solution.

5) Be hooked on(〜にハマっている)

“hooked”は、もともと麻薬などに対する「中毒」を表す場合に使われていましたが、現在では「〜にハマっている」や「~の虜になる」を意味する口語的な表現として使われます。例えば、「TikTokにハマっています」は“I’m hooked on TikTok.”と言い、“hooked on”の後にはハマっている対象が入ります。特に失礼な印象を与えない口語的でフレンドリーな表現です。

  • I’ve been hooked on dark chocolate lately.
  • Are there any TV shows you’re hooked on?
  • I used to hate it, but now I’m hooked on olives.



  • Ideal・・・理想の
  • Physically・・・身体的に
  • Southwest・・・南西部
  • Buddy・・・友達
  • Continental breakfast・・・コンチネンタルブレックファースト
  • Shocked・・・衝撃的
  • Cereal・・・シリアル


  • Exact opposite・・・真逆
  • Comes to mind・・・思い付くもの
  • As long as I’ve been alive・・・それまでの経験上








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