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Released: 2023.01.13





【Elaina】So, Lizzie, what do you want to do less of next year?

【Lizzie】I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while. I usually plan resolutions and things, like just constantly throughout the year. Like, my New Year’s Resolutions happen about five times a year.

【Elaina】I love it.

【Lizzie】(laughs) I’ve been noticing I spend a lot of time scrolling on my phone. You know, like you get onto social media and you just spend your time scrolling through pictures and stuff. And memes.

【Elaina】Oh yes.

【Lizzie】So that’s something I feel like—it’s a real drain on my time.


【Lizzie】So, yeah. You too?

【Elaina】Oh yeah. That was the top thing because I—I was—I didn’t know how to answer this question at first because I always—like, you always have “What do you want to do next year?”


【Elaina】I’ve never heard anyone say, “What do you want to do less of?” So I really had to think about it. And as I was thinking about it, I realized that I was scrolling Reddit. I’m like, “Ah, there it is.”

【Lizzie】Uh huh. Yeah, Reddit’s bad.

【Elaina】Yeah, I love Reddit, but it is a…yeah, it is a time consumer. (laughs)

【Lizzie】For me, it’s Tumblr.

【Elaina】Oh, yes.

【Lizzie】Like, I follow a lot of art blogs.


【Lizzie】So I think, “Oh, it’s fine. I’m consuming art. That’s a productive thing to be doing with my time.” But then, like two hours later, I’m still looking at art and stuff.

【Elaina】My—my big two things on Reddit are Lord of the Rings and cats.

【Lizzie】Oh, the musical?

【Elaina】Oh, no, not the musical. Sorry. (laughs)

【Lizzie】Oh, okay. I don’t know why my brain went there.

【Elaina】No, that’s okay. But I have a coffee mug. It literally says, “Crazy Cat Lady.”

【Lizzie】Oh, that’s cute.

【Elaina】Thank you. So I have a problem spending hours looking at other people’s cats (laughs) because I don’t have a cat.

【Lizzie】Yeah, cat videos…you don’t have a cat?

【Elaina】I don’t. My landlord won’t let me have a cat, and I really want one. That’s what I should do. Next year I should listen less to my landlord and just ignore her and get a cat. (laughs)

【Lizzie】Is this a good idea? Is this a good thing to be doing?

【Elaina】No, no, probably not, and I’m sure my husband would strongly disagree.

【Lizzie】(laughs) But you can’t be a “Crazy Cat Lady” without the cats.

【Elaina】I know. I feed all the cats in my neighborhood, though. I actually have cat food in my house for all of them, so… (laughs)

Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What does Lizzie reset roughly five times a year?
  2. What two topics does Elaina enjoy reading about on Reddit?
  3. What phrase does Elaina’s coffee mug show?



  1. She often resets her New Year’s resolutions five times a year.
  2. She likes reading about Lord of the Rings and cats on Reddit.
  3. Her coffee mug reads “Crazy Cat Lady.”
    彼女のコーヒーカップには”Crazy Cat Lady(猫好きレディー)”と書かれています。



Elaina and Lizzie discuss what they would like to do less of in the coming New Year. This is something Lizzie has been thinking about recently as she often resets her New Year’s resolutions five times a year.

Lizzie would like to cut down on social media usage as she feels scrolling through social media is a drain on her time. Elaina agrees, realizing that she too spends too much time on social media.

In particular, Elaina spends a lot of time reading through Reddit. Her two favorite topics on Reddit are Lord of the Rings and cats. However, Elaina doesn’t own any cats of her own and simply enjoys looking at pictures and videos of them online.

In fact, Elaina’s coffee mug actually reads “Crazy Cat Lady” on it. However, her landlord won’t allow cats in their building. Even still, Elaina enjoys feeding cats around her neighborhood and keeps cat food handy for that purpose.
それどころか、エレーナのコーヒーカップには「Crazy Cat Lady」と書かれています。しかし、彼女の家の大家さんはペット禁止にしているため、猫を飼うことができません。それでも、エレーナは近所の猫に餌をあげるのが好きで、そのためにキャットフードを常備しています。


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Less of(控える)

lessは「より少ない」を意味することから、less ofは日常会話では「減らす」や「控える」の意味として使われます。基本的に、“What do you want to do less of this year?(今年控えたいことは何ですか?)”のように質問形式で使われることが多いため、「お酒の量を減らしたいです」を“I want to do less of drinking.”と表現すると違和感があります。具体的に「〜を控えたい」と言いたい場合は、cut down on もしくはcut back onを使って、“I want to cut down on drinking.”や“I want to cut back on drinking.”と言います。

  • Is there anything you want to do less of this year?
  • What do you want to do more of and less of to balance your life?
  • What do you want to do less of at work?

2) Drain(消耗する)

drainは容器の中の液体を空になるまで流し出す意味があることから、日常会話では時間やエネルギーを消耗させる意味で使われます。例えば、今日の会話でリジーは“It’s a real drain on my time.”と言っていますが、これは「SNSで写真やミームを見ることで時間を浪費している」ことを表します。
リジーは“drain on my time”と言いましたが、onを使わずシンプルに“drain my time”とも表現でき、「時間を消費する」は “drain someone’s time”、 「エネルギーを消耗する」は “drain someone’s energy”と言います。ちなみに、「疲れ切った」は “I’m drained.”と表現できます。

  • I need to cut down on watching YouTube. It really drains my time.
  • I’m an introvert, and going to social events drains my energy.
  • It’s been a hectic day, and I’m drained.

3) Time consumer(時間を浪費するもの)

consumeは本来、商品やサービスを消費することを意味しますが、timeと組み合わせて使うと、時間を浪費することを意味します。「〜は時間を浪費するものだ」は“~ is a time consumer.”と言い、例えば「SNSは時間を浪費するものだ」は“Social media is a time consumer.”と言います。ちなみに、「時間のかかる」と表現したい場合は “time-consuming”と言い、形容詞として使われます。

  • TikTok is great, but it’s a time consumer.
  • Writing a book is time-consuming, but worth it in the end.
  • Inputting this data manually is time-consuming. I wish there was a more efficient way.

4) Crazy cat lady(猫が大好きな女性)

直訳で「猫狂いの女性」となるこの表現は、猫が大好きな女性を表すフレーズで、猫を何匹も飼っているような猫が異常に好きな女性を指します。本来は、独身の中年女性のイメージがありましたが、今では単に猫が大好きな人の意味として、いい意味でも悪い意味でも使われます。crazy cat ladyの代わりにcrazy cat personも使われ、男性の場合は、“He is a crazy cat person.”や“He is a crazy cat guy.”と言います。

  • There’s a crazy cat lady that lives in my neighborhood.
  • That crazy cat lady feeds the cats at the park every morning.
  • I’m kind of a crazy cat person. My Instagram feed is filled with cats.

5) Strongly disagree(猛反対)

stronglyは「強く」、disagreeは「反対」を意味することから、strongly disagreeは「強く反対する」や「猛反対する」ことを意味します。stronglyは色々な動詞と組み合わせて使うことができ、「強く賛成する」はstrongly agree、「強くお勧めする」はstrongly recommend、「強く支持する」はstrongly supportのように表します。

  • I strongly disagree with your suggestion.
  • I strongly recommend him for the sales position.
  • He strongly supports banning plastic bags.



  • Scroll・・・スクロール
  • Productive・・・生産性のある


  • Throughout the year・・・年中
  • Meme・・・ミーム









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