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意外と間違えている「I’m looking forward to」の使い方

以外と間違えている「I’m looking forward to」の使い方

日常生活でもビジネスでもよく口にするフレーズ「〜を楽しみにしています」。英語では「I’m looking forward to〜」と表現することはご存知かと思いますが、意外とその用法を間違えている人が多く感じますので、今回はそれについて触れてみようと思います。


  1. I’m looking forward to meeting you.
  2. I’m looking forward to meet you.

正解は、1番の「I’m looking forward to meeting you.」です。「to」の後には動詞の原形がはいるんじゃないの?と疑問を持つ方も多いかとおもいますが、この場合は「look forward to」が動詞になると考えればわかりやすいでしょう。「to」は前置詞で後にくる目的語には必ず名詞がフォローします。なので、動詞の場合は「ing」を付け加える必要があります。

  • 「look forward to」+ 名詞
  • 「look forward to」+ 動詞+ing
  • I’m looking forward to the movie!(あの映画、楽しみだな〜!)
  • I’m looking forward to seeing you!(お会いできるのを楽しみにしています。)



  1. I look forward to meeting you.
  2. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

答えは両方です!「I look forward to」も「I’m looking forward to」と同じ意味になります。文法的に使い分けする基準は特にありませんが、個人的な感覚としては、

  • 「I look forward to」 → フォーマル・ビジネス
  • 「I’m looking forward to」 → カジュアル・フレンドリー


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  1. Yoko より:

    Hi Jun
    How’s your day , so far? I’m always enjoying your blog, podcast and your email all of them:-)!
    Btw, that’s is really good to know how different between looking and look. I mean Casual way and formal way .
    I didn’t know it!! Now, I totally understand which is good to use situation. Aloha

    • Jun より:

      Hi Yoko,

      Thanks for subscribing to everything Hapa Eikaiwa offers! It’s a very subtle difference not many English learners know about but native speakers use the appropriate form unconsciously. Now it’s your turn to use it!


    I’m looking forward to working with you.

  3. Ai Wada より:

    以下の文章中のlook forward to の使い方について調べていて、このサイトに行き当たりました。
    つまりbad publicity を期待しているということでしょうか。

    The Economist Nov 7th 2015 | From the print edition
    Another blow for the German carmaker
    VW’s third-quarter results, released at the end of October, showed that its sales have not yet suffered much as a result of the scandal—though it can look forward to a lot more bad publicity to come, including lawsuits and possibly the indictments in America of senior managers.

    • Jun より:


      こんにちは。Aiさんが書いたように「Bad publicityを期待している」を意味します。

  4. Lan Phuong より:

    Hi Jun

    I am learning Japanese and I’ve just discoverred your ‘youtube’ videos recently; I liked them very much. I am just wondering if you are going to have Japanese lessons for English speakers…

    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Jun より:

      Hi Lan,

      I’m glad my YouTube videos are helping with your Japanese. Maybe one of these days, I’ll create a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching Japanese to English speakers. But right now I’m ちょっと忙しい・・・lol. これからも、日本語の勉強、がんばってね!

  5. RI より:


  6. ニッシー より:


  7. […] 意外と間違えている「I’m looking forward to」の使い方 […]

  8. Neco より:

    Hi Jun, I often or more than often heard so-called native speakers write “look (ing) forward to DO”. Japanese students cram that expression correctly for their exams, and as far as I see. What do you think about it?

    • Jun より:

      Hi Neco

      In English, it’s not common to say “Look forward to do” but maybe you meant “Look forward to (do something)” Here are some examples.
      – I’m looking forward to the trip.(旅行を楽しみにしている)
      – I’m looking forward to your birthday party.(あなたの誕生日パーティーを楽しみにしています)

      • Neco より:

        Ah, ha, I had so many times to see those mistakes written by so called Native speakers. Thanks for your reply, I’ll follow the basics.

  9. ネックス より:

    I’m looked forward to something.
    I looked forward to something.

    • Jun より:


      「I was looking forward to / I looked forward to」が正しい表現の仕方になります。

  10. ネイティヴイングリッシュを話したい より:

    I look forward to meeting you.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you.

    つまり、”be looking forward” に対し、
    “look forward” は日本語的に言えば「敬語」ですね?


    • Jun より:

      感覚的に言えば、そんな感じになりますね。「I look forward」がフォーマルな響きがあるのに対し、「I’m looking forward」がカジュアルなフィーリングです。

      • ネイティヴイングリッシュをマスターしたい より:


  11. Yoshifumi より:

    Now I’m surprised. Cuz I accessed to this website without knowing published by Jun sensei!! I’m English leaner aged 16 and I’ve been listening to your podcast for quite long period. The concepts are clear and eye-catching, what’s more, they are all useful to dealing with real life situation, so “I’m looking forward to listening your podcast” every week!! There is no question that I’m a big fan of your podcast. Btw, “Big fan” is a phrase that I leaned from your podcast tho.

    • Jun より:

      Hi Yoshifumi

      Thanks for listening to my podcast! I’m really happy to hear that you are finding it helpful. Your English is amazing! Your sentences are very clear and they sound very natural. I’m a big fan of sports too! I used to watch a lot of soccer when I lived in Japan(the Nakata Hidetoshi days…年齢バレる〜笑)but basketball and football is where my passion is. One of these days, I’ll do a podcast series on sports! Keep up the great work! I’m super impressed!!

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