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Released: 2019.10.18





【Athrylis】When it comes to PDA and public displays of affection, how much do you think is overboard and how much do you think is acceptable? When you’re…

【Lawrence】I think it really depends on the people and, kind of the environment or situation. Uh, for example I live close to, uh a high school.

【Athrylis】Mm hm.

【Lawrence】To the same high school I went to. And so, especially when school’s out, you see a bunch of the students walking from home or wherever, that—and so you see them hugging—holding hands, or hugging, and sometimes kissing. But for me I see them, like, “Oh, okay. They’re in high school. That’s what they do.”

【Athrylis】Mm hm.

【Lawrence】So—but it’s kind of—if I see kind of, um…especially if it’s kind of more, you know, someone’s walking holding hands. That’s kind of more subtle.

【Athrylis】Yeah, that’s fine.

【Lawrence】You know that’s not in, you know, people’s faces.

【Athrylis】Mm hm.

【Lawrence】Really that—but if it’s kind of, let’s say, grown adults, you know if they’re like, making out at the crosswalk, I think that’s kind of, you know, “Get a room.”

【Athrylis】Yeah it’s—it’s uncomfortable. Right? Yeah.


【Athrylis】I went to this concert a while back, and there was this couple standing next to me and the guy had his arms just all the way around the girl’s neck and did not separate from her for the entire concert, and was like kissing, and like, talking to her, like in some kind of overly, uh (laughs) intimate way.

【Lawrence】Mm hm.

【Athrylis】And I was just thinking, “Why are you doing that here? Like, you obviously have a close relationship so you could do that at any place that was not, you know, extremely populated…


【Athrylis】…by, you know, a bunch of crowded people who don’t wanna (want to) be around that.

【Lawrence】Mm hm.

【Athrylis】And you’re literally bumping into me with your elbows so you can be like, way too close to her. And that’s—that’s not necessary. It’s just not necessary.

【Lawrence】I heard, um…I was listening to some people talk about this a while ago, and one of the person—one of the guys, he was saying that he thinks when people do PDA, uh that the people doing that—that they’re trying to show off. That they want other people to see that.

【Athrylis】Right. They’re compensating for insecurity, or…?

【Lawrence】Not necessarily. It’s just more of an exhibitionist—that they’re trying to show off. They want to—want—they want the attention. Do you think that’s true? Or…?

【Athrylis】I could see that. But I don’t want to.


【Athrylis】Um… (Laughs) But when it comes to you know, holding hands, giving a hug, like you know, a peck on the cheek, whatever…

【Lawrence】Mm hm.

【Athrylis】…that—that’s totally…I don’t have any problems with that. It’s just when it’s prolonged, and when you can acknowledge that there are people around you, but you’re not taking that into account that I feel like, you’re just being rude.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What does Lawrence currently live close to?
  2. What event was Athrylis at where she saw a couple displaying an uncomfortable amount of affection in public?
  3. What do Lawrence and Athrylis consider to be appropriate displays of affection in public?



  1. He lives close to his alma mater, his former high school.
  2. She was standing next to this couple at a concert.
  3. They both believe that hand-holding, hugging, and light kisses on the cheek are acceptable and tasteful means of displaying affection in public.



In this episode, Lawrence and Athrylis discuss their views on “public displays of affection,” or more simply, “PDA.” Both agree that there are acceptable and unacceptable forms of PDA.

Lawrence lives close to his alma mater, his former high school. There he often sees young kids walking, holding hands, and occasionally kissing, but views this as normal high school student behavior. When it comes to adult couples, he generally views hand holding as a tasteful means of showing public affection.

Athrylis recounts her experience at a concert where she was standing next to a couple that was involved in an intense display of public affection. The two members of the couple were extremely close physically and speaking to one another very intimately. This to Athrylis was an example of inappropriate PDA.

Lawrence heard a conversation on the subject of PDA in which a person expressed his view that those engaged in PDA simply enjoy “showing off” their relationship. Both Lawrence and Athrylis believe that the most appropriate forms of PDA are simple gestures, like hand-holding, hugging, or light kisses on the cheek.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) PDA(人前での愛情表現)

PDAはpublic display of affectionの略で、カップルが公共の場や人前で愛情表現することを表します。具体的には、手をつないだり腕を組んだり、ハグやキスをするなどの行為です。そうした行為自体は決して悪いことではありませんが、公共の場や人前で度を越えた愛情表現は、マイナスに見なされます。

  • How much PDA is acceptable in Japan?
  • Wow. That is way too much PDA going on over there.
  • Can you guys tone it down on the PDA? We’re in the train.

2) Go overboard(やりすぎる)

Go overboardは、何かをやりすぎることを意味する表現です。調子に乗ってお金を使いすぎたり、飲みすぎたり、またはカッとなって言いすぎしてしまうなど、様々な状況で使うことができます。

  • それに対して「ほどほどにね」は、「Don’t go overboard.」と言います。
  • You ordered 10 pizzas? Don’t you think you went overboard?
  • I think I went a little overboard last night. I have a headache.
  • Don’t go overboard. You’re not young anymore.

3) Make out(イチャイチャする)

抱き合ったりキスをしてイチャイチャすることを、make outと言います。アメリカでは、公共の場や人前でそのような行為をしていると、too much PDA、つまり、イチャイチャしすぎであると見なされます。

  • I saw Megan and Tony making out at the party last night.
  • Did you make out with that guy?
  • He’s making out with another girl. He’s such a sleazy guy.

4) Get a room(イチャつくなら別の場所でやってくれ)


  • I don’t want to see that. Get a room.
  • Can you guys not make out here? Get a room.
  • Seriously guys, nobody wants to see that. Get a room.

5) Show off(見せつける)

自分の能力や成果、所有物などを見せびらかすことをshow offと表現します。基本的にネガティブな意味合いで使われますが、能力や才能、知識などを披露する状況では、ポジティブな意味合いで使われることもあります。

  • That guy loves to show off.
  • She was showing off her engagement ring to everybody.
  • He showed off his dancing skills at the event last night.



  • Environment・・・環境
  • Subtle・・・さりげない
  • Intimate・・・親密な
  • Exhibitionist・・・自己顕示欲の強い人
  • Prolonged・・・長引く


  • School is out・・・学校が終わる
  • A bunch of・・・たくさんの
  • A while back・・・しばらく前に
  • Bump into・・・ぶつかる
  • When it comes to・・・〜に関しては
  • Peck on the cheek・・・頬に軽くキスする



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  1. shunya より:

    いつも大学の通学中に聞かせてもらっています。2回目のAthrylisさんの「When it comes to holding hands〜」ですが「When it comes to」 の後に「, you know,」と聞こえるような気がするのですがただの聞き間違いでしょうか?

    • Jun より:


      こんにちは。いつもPodcastを聴いていただきありがとうございます!you know 言っていますね。スクリプトに追加しました。ありがとうございます。

  2. cardiologist より:

    HAPA 英会話のサイトに出会ったのが最近なので少し遡って勉強しています。
    You know that’s not in, you know, people’s faces.

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