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Released: 2022.12.09





【Micah】So what are your thoughts on cancel culture?

【Kara】I think it has gotten a bit out of hand in America. I think any time that a celebrity—I’m going to talk about celebrities mostly because I think that’s…


【Kara】…I can talk about it.

【Micah】Mm hm.

【Kara】I think any time a celebrity misspeaks it’s so easy just to say “Oh, they’re cancelled. They’re over. They’re done.” But I also appreciate the fact that, like we’re holding these untouchable people, like celebrities and famous people…

【Micah】Mm hm.

【Kara】…athletes—to a standard of, like, “You still have to be a good person.”

【Micah】Holding them accountable, yeah.

【Kara】Yeah. It’s all about accountability. So I don’t think it’s a hundred percent negative. But I think it’s just easy to get carried away. I was walking down the hallway in my school the other day and one of the teachers was saying to the students, “We’re going to have a pop quiz—a surprise quiz today.” And one of the kids was like, “Mr. Whatever is cancelled! He’s making us do work!” Oh my God!

【Micah】Oh, no.

【Kara】We have lost control. We have lost the meaning.

【Micah】Yeah. (laughs)

【Kara】We are so far out now.


【Kara】I think the message of accountability and the fact that, like you do have to watch what you say…


【Kara】…especially in a country where we have freedom of speech and we can say anything, for better or for worse


【Kara】…I think that’s really an important message—just that the viewers can have—the listeners, the viewers, whoever—can have an opinion and can…


【Kara】…disagree with you. And that’s okay.

【Micah】Yeah. I agree, a hundred percent. Like, the whole cancel culture thing sort of started from a very positive place, you know?


【Micah】People in positions of power used to be able to get away with doing morally bad things…


【Micah】…from sexual harassment to sexual assault. And the fact that people are speaking up about it and we have the internet as a tool to sort of communicate with each other about these things and holding these people accountable is ultimately a good thing.


【Micah】But like you said with time as it becomes more and more common…

【Kara】Mm hm.

【Micah】…you get this sort of, like…people on the internet have this, like thirst for justice.

【Kara】Yeah, everyone’s…

【Micah】You know? And that feeling of, like outing somebody in a position of power…


【Micah】…and there’s been a lot of cases in which, now people are getting cancelled, or whatever. And it turns out later that they actually didn’t do anything.


【Micah】So, yeah. There’s two sides to the coin. There’s, you know—it’s holding these people accountable is great. But also with the internet and how…what do you say? Unhinged it is.

【Kara】Yeah, yeah.

【Micah】And how difficult it is to…well, how free it is, you know, is one of the positive things about it. But at the same time, like now people can say anything, even if they’re true or not.

Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What aspect of so-called “cancel culture” does Kara appreciate?
  2. What happened at Kara’s school when a teacher said students were receiving a pop quiz?
  3. What were some things powerful people were able to get away with before cancel culture, according to Micah?



  1. She appreciates the fact that powerful and otherwise untouchable people are being held to a certain moral standard and that there is some accountability for their actions.
  2. A student shouted that “Mr. so-and-so is cancelled! He’s making us do work!”
  3. Micah feels that in the past, powerful people were able to get away with things like sexual harassment and sexual assault.



Kara and Micah share their thoughts on “cancel culture,” including what they think is both positive and negative about it. Kara thinks that recently the concept and its effect on society have gotten out of hand.

Kara still thinks that the idea of holding powerful people, such as celebrities and athletes, to a moral standard, is a positive thing. But she’s seen examples of how the true meaning of the concept has gotten lost. For example, a student at her school told a teacher that they were “cancelled” for offering a pop quiz. Even if it was meant as a joke, the student probably misunderstood what “cancel” meant.

Micah also thinks there are positives to the recent “cancel culture” trend. He feels that in the past, powerful people were able to get away with things like sexual harassment and sexual assault. Nowadays, people in power have to be much more careful about what they say and do.

Still, Micah worries that cancel culture has produced an intense “thirst for justice” that causes some people to go overboard in pursuing anyone who misspeaks or is accused of doing something morally bad. It’s a problem exacerbated by the internet, where people can say anything regardless of whether it’s true or false.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Hold someone accountable(人に責任を取らせる)

hold someone accountableはhold someone responsibleと同じような意味を持ち、「誰かに責任を負わせる」ことを意味します。accountabilityはある出来事の結果に対する責任を表す状況で使われ、多くの場合、自分の失敗や間違いを認めて責任を取る意味として使われます。例えば、みんなで目標を達成したいような状況ではhold each other accountableが一般的に使われ、お互いが責任を持って最後までやり抜くという意味合いが込められています。

その他、accountable for ~の形式でよく使われ、「あなたは自分の行動に責任を持たなければならない」は“You have to be accountable for your own actions.”、「今回の出来事は自分が責任を取ります」は“I hold myself accountable for what happened.”という具合に使われます。

  • If we want to accomplish this goal, we need to hold each other accountable.
  • He always blames others and never holds himself accountable.
  • Great leaders lead by example and hold themselves accountable for everything.

2) Get carried away(我を忘れる)

carried awayは、我を忘れるほど何かに夢中になったり興奮したりすることを意味します。感情があまりにも高ぶってしまい、自分自身の言動をコントロールできなくなってしまうというニュアンスがあります。この表現は一般的にgetと組み合わせて使われ、例えば「彼は政治の話をしはじめると夢中になる」は“He gets carried away when he starts talking about politics.”という具合に言います。

  • 状況によっては「調子に乗る」と訳すこともでき、「調子に乗ってお金を使い過ぎてしまいました」は“I got carried away and spent too much money.”と言います。
  • I got carried away and said some things I shouldn’t have.
  • I got carried away and bought too many things on Black Friday.
  • I got carried away with my work and lost track of time.

3) For better or worse(良くも悪くも)

for better or worseは「良くも悪くも」を意味する口語表現です。例えば、「良くも悪くも彼は率直な人だ」は“For better or worse, he’s a straightforward person.、「良くも悪くも転勤することになった」は“For better or worse, I’m getting transferred.”という具合に使われます。今日の会話でケーラは“for better or for worse”と言いましたが、一般的には“for better or worse”と言います。

  • For better or worse, I’m moving back to Japan next month.
  • For better or worse, I get to work from home a couple of times a week.
  • For better or worse, students can take classes on Zoom now.

4) Get away with(許される)

get away withは「許される」や「何の罰も受けないで済む」を意味します。特に、何か悪いことをしたのに逃げ切ることができたり、何の罰も受けずに済んだりする意味合いが込められています。例えば、カンニングをしたクラスメイトが罰を受けずに済んだ場合は、“He got away with cheating.”のように表現します。その他、ずるいことをした相手に「ただでは済まないぞ!」と言いたい時は“You won’t get away with this!”、大きな交通事故に遭ったが「彼女は軽傷で済んだ」と言う場合は、“She got away with minor injuries.”のように言います。

  • You didn’t get a speeding ticket? How did you get away with that?
  • My younger brother always gets away with everything.
  • When I was young, I used to get away with using my friend’s ID to get into bars.

5) Two sides of the same coin(別々の物に見えるけど実は同じ)

直訳で「同じコインの二つの面」となるこの表現は、表面上は全く逆に見えても根本的には同じであることを意味します。例えば、「愛と憎しみは表裏一体である」は “Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.”という具合に表します。今日の会話でマイカは、“two sides to the coin”と言いましたが、これは“two sides of the same coin”の言い換え表現になります。一般的には、“two sides of the same coin”または“two sides of a coin”と表現します。

  • The way I see it, crisis and opportunity are two sides of the same coin.
  • Study shows that poverty and poor health are two sides of the same coin.
  • You can argue that genius and madness are two sides of the same coin.



  • Misspeak・・・失言する
  • Accountability・・・説明責任
  • Unhinged・・・過激化してる


  • Cancel culture・・・キャンセルカルチャー
  • Get out of hand・・・収拾がつかなくなる
  • Speak up・・・声を上げる
  • Thirst for justice・・・過剰に正義を求める動き
  • Out someone・・・吊るし上げる



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