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Released: 2022.05.27





【Kelly】How about you? Where are you inspired? Where do you find your inspiration?

【Kesha】I think I’m most inspired listening to music.


【Kesha】So whenever I’m, like having a horrible day or something’s going on, I will just dive into music and lose myself in it because it completely transforms my mood. It transforms my world. When—if it’s, like super sad—like, three weeks ago, my dad died. And it was just, like this horrible sad moment. But I was able to get music and it completely gets me going, especially if I’m listening to, like Nina Simone, jazz.

【Kelly】Oh, yeah.

【Kesha】I love that kind of music. Or if I’m really angry, it inspires me to calm down, or it inspires me to keep going—like, if I’m listening to classical music.

【Kelly】Oh yeah. Sure.

【Kesha】That’s my go-to. Anger is either classical music or, like gangster rap.


【Kesha】And I don’t know which one. But…

【Kelly】So you, like…you, like lean into the anger and listen to, like the angry music, or you try and listen to music to calm yourself down?

【Kesha】If I’m going to confront the anger…


【Kesha】…like if I’m mad at someone and I’m going to confront you, definitely gangster rap.

【Kelly】 (laughs)

【Kesha】Because I’ve got to get jazzed up. Like, “All right.”

【Kelly】Right, you’ve got to get the heart rate up.

【Kesha】Got to get the heart rate up. We’re going to confront this person. It’s going down. But if I need to be an adult about it, like, “I’m adulting. Just ignore them. Now’s not the time. This isn’t the place.” I’m (going to) hit Beethoven up, maybe some Bach. It has to happen because then I need to, like calm it down. So music always has inspired me to bring the best out of me and be the best person. I could not live without music. It completely gets me where I need to go every single day.

【Kelly】Do you have—are you the type of person that has, like a specific playlist for specific moods that you’ve, like curated?

【Kesha】I do, and that’s…


【Kesha】Thank you. Thanks for embracing my crazy.

【Kelly】Oh, yeah, no.

【Kesha】I have, like my morning playlist. I have my “I should go to the gym but I don’t want to” playlist.

【Kelly】(laughs) Like, mentally you’re at the gym. Yeah.

【Kesha】Yeah, so mentally you’re at the gym. Like, it’s…like, “Come on! You can do it! Get out!”


【Kesha】“Don’t sleep.” So I have a playlist for every single season. Of course, the angry one is completely DMX.


【Kesha】That…that one I really love. That one is my epic playlist that everyone in my family knows, like if they hear DMX, she’s…

【Kelly】Oh, no!

【Kesha】Someone’s about to get it. Someone is about to get it.

Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What two types of music does Kesha listen to when she’s angry?
  2. What type of music does Kesha listen to when she needs to calm down?
  3. What artist does Kesha put on when she’s preparing to confront someone?



  1. She listens to either classical or gangster rap, depending on how she wants to approach the situation.
  2. Kesha puts on classical music such as Beethoven or Bach.
  3. She plays DMX whenever she’s preparing to confront someone else.



In this episode, Kesha describes her favorite music and how her choice of music reflects her moods in a given moment. Kesha says that music is a source of inspiration and consolation in difficult times for her.

Recently, Kesha’s father passed away. It was a difficult and sad time for her, but she found that music, particularly that of jazz and Nina Simone helped her through.

Whenever Kesha is feeling angry, she will either turn to classical music or gangster rap. When Kesha feels the need to confront someone else, she will put on gangster rap to get her heart rate up and prepare her for confrontation. But if she needs to calm herself down, she will turn to classical.

Kesha also has several playlists of music to match her moods. In particular, her family has come to associate her playlist of DMX music with Kesha’s angry moods. Kesha says that whenever her family hears DMX coming on, they know that she’s very angry about something.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Lose oneself(夢中になる、没頭する)

直訳で「自分を失う」となるこの表現は、何かに夢中になったり、没頭することを意味します。一般的には、lose oneself inの後に夢中になっている対象が入り、「音楽に夢中になる」は“Lose oneself in the music.”、「仕事に没頭する」は“Lose oneself in one’s work.”という具合に、一つだけのことに熱中したり、一つのことに心を奪われ我を忘れるといったニュアンスがあります。

  • I enjoy losing myself in a good book.
  • I lost myself in my work and lost track of time.
  • Sometimes I zone out and lose myself in my thought.

2) Get someone going (テンションが上がる)

gets me goingはgets me startedと同じ意味で、「〜は自分をスタートさせる」というような意味合いを持ちます。音楽を聞いてテンションが上がったり、運動をして元気になったりなど、何かをすることによって気分が上がることを意味します。日常会話では、音楽を聞いてテンションが上がっている状況で使われることが多いです。

  • I love this song. It gets me going every time.
  • Exercising first thing in the morning gets me going.
  • What gets you going in the morning?

3) Jazz up(感情が高まる)

jazz upはワクワクしたり、興奮したり、感情が高まることを意味し、excited の口語的な言い方として使われます。例えば、「ロスに行くのが楽しみです」と言いたい場合、 “I’m jazzed up about going to L.A.”と言うことができます。upを省いてシンプルに、“I’m jazzed about going to L.A.”と言うことも多いです。その他、jazz upは何かを面白くしたり、魅力的にすることを表し、パーティーのために部屋をデコレーションしたり、サイトのデザインを魅力的にしたり、話を面白くするような状況で使われます。

  • I’m pretty jazzed up about studying abroad in Australia this summer.
  • This is my first time going to a concert since the pandemic. I’m really jazzed about it.
  • We should buy some decorations and jazz up the house.

4) Adulting(大人らしい行動をする)


  • I cleaned, cooked, and repaired things in the house. I spent the whole weekend adulting.
  • We’re doing some serious adulting today. We never had to do this in college.
  • I’m so sick of adulting. I just want to chill at home and play video games.

5) Bring the best out of([人]から最高のものを引き出す)

bring the best out ofは人が持っている力や能力を最大限に引き出したり、発揮させたりすることを意味します。スポーツの監督が選手の能力を最大限に引き出したり、学校の先生が生徒の能力を発揮させたり、プレッシャーが自分自身の能力を最大限に引き出すような状況で使われます。

  • He’s a great coach. He knows how to bring the best out of his players.
  • John brings the best out of his employees. He’s an incredible boss.
  • I thrive under pressure. Pressure brings the best out of me.



  • Confront・・・立ち向かう
  • Curate・・・キュレートする、情報を選んで集めて整理する
  • Embrace・・・受け入れる


  • Horrible day・・・ひどい一日
  • Dive into・・・〜に飛ぶ込む
  • Go-to・・・お気に入りの〜








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