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【Jun】So we’re finally getting our floors replaced.

【Akina】Well, it’s not really finally because we just did it like two years ago.

【Jun】That’s true. We’re getting our new ones that we got installed two years ago, replaced because it’s all messed up right now.

【Akina】It supposed to last like 10 to 15 years.

【Jun】It lasted two and a half years. Actually like a year and a half to be exact. It’s all cracked all over the place.

【Akina】It’s been like that.

【Jun】But honestly though, I’m so glad that we got a second and third opinion on our flooring. Cuz it’s kind of crazy, right? I mean like, you get like one person coming in telling you how much it’s gonna cost them and what to do. And then you got another person or another company coming in and they tell you a completely different quote, different estimate, a different problem

【Akina】Dont’ know what to believe.

【Jun】Yeah, exactly, right? And the first one that we brought in. Remember that guy? Those two guys? Super shady men.

【Akina】That was my fault. Well, because the day before I was taking a nap and then this guy just like rang our doorbell. Actually the door was like open, and then he just screamed like, “Hello. Anybody in there?” And then I felt like I had to like go and open the door. Like, normally I ignore them. But then because our doors, the screen was dark there and open, I just felt like I had to go out and see him. And then, because I was like half-awake. He was like, “Oh do you think you want to do any more work to the house?” And I just thought of like, “Oh, we need to do the flooring.” And then like, I think I just like wasn’t thinking because normally, I’m like skeptical of those kinds of people that just come to your…

【Jun】You’re always skeptical every time I’m talking to somebody outside, you’re like, “STOP IT!!!” And you’re the one that went out and started talking to this guy. I’m like, ”What is she doing?”

【Akina】I don’t know why I was doing that.

【Jun】Because I was like, doing my…

【Akina】Because I was like half-asleep.

【Jun】I was like doing my ZOOM thing, I could see you through the window, I’m like, “Who is she talking to?” Anyway, this guy ends up coming to our house like a week later.

【Akina】So I told him that we are doing the floors. And then he is like, “Oh we do flooring too.” And then he like, was like, “Oh we can come tomorrow.” And then I was like, “Oh that’s perfect!” But it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t good.

【Jun】That’s right. They came the day afterwards, and I think like the fact that they’re like, “We do flooring too!?” It’s a red flag. That’s a red flag. Because that means…

【Akina】No, he actually had to call like, the secretary to ask them if they do flooring. I should have just canceled then.



  • He is a shady salesman.
  • This area looks a bit shady. Let’s go somewhere else.


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