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Released: 2024.05.24

第485回目のポッドキャストのテーマは「ワシントンD.C.とテキサスの食べ物」です。皆さんの故郷ではどんな食べ物が有名ですか?また、その食べ物にはどんな特徴がありますか?今日の会話では、ラヤとネイサンがテキサスとワシントンD.C.の有名な食べ物について話します。ネイサンは、最初は好きではなかったけれど、どんどん好きになったテキサスで有名な料理について話してくれます。 テキサスとワシントンD.C.の美味しい食べ物について聞いて学びましょう。




【Raya】What would you say is, like a typical food or dish that you like or that you think is common there and what’s special about it for you?

【Nathan】Yeah, so the—the two big ones here are Tex Mex and barbeque. Those are, like—which probably doesn’t surprise anybody.

【Raya】Nope! (laughs)

【Nathan】(laughs) But yeah. Those are the two big things. And the funny thing is—so actually I hated Tex Mex before moving here.


【Nathan】I just, like—it was not my thing.


【Nathan】So I don’t—I don’t know why but because it’s like, objectively like, harmless.


【Nathan】But…okay. So—but the—my—my tip-toe, my—I don’t know. I guess my step into it was—was nachos.


【Nathan】Because that was okay.

【Raya】That’s a safe one. That’s good, though.

【Nathan】Every—right. No, like every—every Tex Mex restaurant you go to has, like those unlimited, like chips and dip. And so I just, like…

【Raya】I know! (laughs)

【Nathan】Like, “Okay, this is, like terrible. But, like here we are. This is what we’re doing.” And then…yeah. And then, like as I ate there longer, I’d be like, “Oh, well, you know, maybe I’ll just try a little bit of that or a little bit of that.” And then, you know, three years later I’m just a regular now, I guess.

【Raya】(laughs) I like it. I like it.

【Nathan】But what are—what are some, like—some D.C. classic foods?

【Raya】So D.C. once again like I said is very diverse. And even in, like the culinary, like aspect, we have so much, like food that is so delicious. I would say the most basic thing would be jumbo pizza. Not that you’d have to get that, but like, if you’re having, like a night on the town with, like friends, you get pizza that’s really cheap. And it’s these huge slices of pizza. Yes they’re greasy. But when you’re out, it doesn’t really matter. (laughs) So.

【Nathan】That’s my thought. Like…

【Raya】Yeah, yeah. Exactly. So, I think…

【Nathan】How similar is D.C. pizza to New York style pizza?

【Raya】Oh, okay. So I didn’t say this.


【Raya】I’m originally from—I should’ve said this before. I’m originally from New York. And I am obsessed with New York pizza. And when I moved to D.C., I very much… (laughs) …I was very offended by, like their jumbo slice at first.

【Nathan】Yeah. (laughs)

【Raya】But it kind of—it kind of grew on me and I’m kind of like, “This is kind of like New York pizza. The very big slices. It’s—it’s very thin. It’s greasy, and it gets to the point. Which is—it’s still—it’s still delicious no matter what anybody says. So I would say they’re both my favorites. (laughs)

【Nathan】Okay, okay, okay.

【Raya】Yeah. I will—New York will—New York pizza will always have a special place in my heart. But I do enjoy the jumbo slice pizzas for $5 in—in D.C. So.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What type of food did Nathan hate before moving to Texas?
  2. How did Nathan come to enjoy Tex Mex?
  3. Where was Raya originally from?



  1. He hated Tex Mex before moving to Texas.
  2. He gradually acquired the taste by spending more time in Tex Mex restaurants and trying out different types of Tex Mex dishes.
  3. Although now she lives in Washington, D.C., she originally came from New York.



Raya and Nathan discuss some of the well-known foods in the area they live in. Nathan as a resident of Dallas, Texas says that Tex Mex and barbeque are two types of food his region is famous for.

Before he moved to Texas, Nathan hated Tex Mex food. However, after going to a Tex Mex restaurant and starting out with nachos, he gradually tried other Tex Mex dishes and gradually became a regular and a lover of Tex Mex in general.

For Raya, the main food that comes to mind for her that’s specific to D.C. is jumbo pizza. She describes jumbo pizza as massive slices of greasy pizza at a cheap price. Raya was originally from New York, an area of the United States also known for its pizza.

When Raya moved to D.C., she was initially offended by the jumbo pizza slices. But like Nathan with Tex Mex, she acquired the taste for it, noting it was similar to New York pizza in many ways and still as delicious.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Not my thing(自分の好みや興味に合わない)

“not my thing”は自分の好みや興味に合わないことを意味する口語表現です。嫌いとまではいかないけれど、楽しいと思わなかったり、美味しいと思わなかったり、または何かが苦手であることを表す時に使われます。例えば、「カラオケは苦手です」は “Karaoke is not my thing.”、「ハイキングはあまり好きじゃない」は“Hiking is not my thing.”のように、一般的にbe動詞と組み合わせて使われます。

  • Spicy food is not my thing. I prefer mild flavors.
  • Social events are not my thing. I’d rather stay home and watch Netflix.
  • Horror movies are not my thing. I like watching comedy.

2) A regular(常連)

“a regular”は「常連」を意味する表現で、特定のレストランやバー、カフェやジムなどに頻繁に行く人のことを指します。例えば、「私はあのレストランの常連です」は“I’m a regular at that restaurant.”と言い、そのレストランによく通っていることを意味します。

  • I’m a regular at that coffee shop. I go there every morning.
  • That restaurant has many regulars. The food and service are excellent.
  • Tom is a regular at the gym. He goes to the gym every day after work.

3) A night on the town(夜の街を楽しむ)

“a night on the town”は、友人や家族などと夜に出かけて楽しむことを意味します。レストランで食事したり、イベントやライブに行ったりなど、普段とはちょっと異なるアクティビティを楽しむニュアンスが含まれます。例えば、「私たちは友人の誕生日を祝うために夜の街に出かけました」は“We went out for a night on the town to celebrate my friend’s birthday.”と言います。

  • My friends and I went out for a night on the town.
  • Let’s let loose tonight and go out for a night on the town.
  • It’s been years since we had a night on the town. I had a blast.

4) Grow on someone(だんだん好きになる)

“grow on someone”は「だんだん好きになる」を意味し、初めはあまり好きでなかったり、あまり興味なかったことが、徐々に好きになることを表します。食べ物や音楽、場所などに対して使われることが多く、例えば、初めてパクチーを食べた時は嫌いだったけど、食べれば食べるほど好きになっていったという場合は、“Cilantro grew on me.”と表現します。

  • At first, I didn’t really like this city, but lately, it’s been growing on me.
  • I wasn’t too sure about this podcast at first, but it’s definitely grown on me.
  • I didn’t think I’d enjoy hiking, but after trying it a few times, it began to grow on me.

5) Have a special place in someone’s heart(思い入れのある)

直訳で「心の中の特別な場所」となるこの表現は、思い入れのある場所や思い出深い経験、自分にとって特別な存在を意味する表現です。特に、かつて暮らしていた場所や昔訪れたことがある場所、昔はすごく仲良くしていたけれど、最近はあまり会わなくなってしまった人などに対して使われることが多いです。例えば、私は2年間、石川県に住んでいましたが、その2年間でたくさんの人たちに出会い、かけがえのない思い出や生涯の友達を作ったので、“Ishikawa has a special place in my heart.(石川県は私にとって特別な場所です)”と言うことができます。ここでは、hasの代わりにholdを使って“Ishikawa holds a special place in my heart.”と言ってもOKです。

  • San Francisco has a special place in my heart.
  • This watch has a special place in my heart. It was handed down to me by my grandpa.
  • My grandma will always have a special place in my heart.



  • Typical・・・代表的な
  • Objectively・・・客観的に
  • Unlimited・・・無限に
  • Diverse・・・多様性
  • Culinary・・・料理の
  • Greasy・・・脂っぽい


  • Tex Mex・・・テックス・メックス(テキサス風メキシコ料理)
  • Step into・・・〜を始める
  • A safe one・・・安全な選択
  • Classic food・・・〜ならではの食べ物
  • Obsessed with・・・大好き
  • Offended by・・・~に腹を立てる
  • Get to the point・・・核心をつく





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