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Released: 2020.06.12





【Ken】Alright guys, well is there a food that you… really love to eat and just can’t stop yourself from eating?

【Deanna】I’d say my guilty pleasure… is… okay, two things. Hot Cheetos and sriracha on everything.

【Ken】 (Laughs)

【Deanna】I love spicy everything.

【Lawrence】Sriracha on Cheetos?

【Deanna】Oh! Actually, I haven’t tried that. That’s a good idea though, I might do that, yeah. No I wouldn’t…

【Lawrence】So regular Cheetos or hot Cheetos or…

【Deanna】Umm, the extra extra hot ones. Yeah, those are the best. Umm yeah, they have a restaurant uh in Long Beach and it’s like, mac and cheese with sprinkled hot Cheetos on top. And it’s SO… it’s probably the worst thing for you ever and I would get it.

【Ken】I’ve been there, yes, I’ve been there, I’ve had it.

【Deanna】Oh! The Attic right?

【Ken】Yes! The Attic. Yeah the place that looks like a little house…


【Ken】On the corner.

【Deanna】Like an attic?


【Deanna】 (Laughs)

【Ken】 (Laughs)

【Lawrence】Uh for me, I wouldn’t call this a guilty pleasure ‘cause I don’t feel guilty about it, but uh food that… I love to eat or… I…if I could eat this every day all the time, I would, would be cheesecake.


【Lawrence】Because there are so many different kinds of cheesecakes that you can have. Umm, actually with uh Cheesecake Factory, pretty umm nice restaurant I would say, they also specialize in cheesecake, but it’s not only cheesecake, they have regular food too. Umm, I was looking at the menu a while ago with one of my umm English students. Umm, there was something like thirty…four different kinds of Cheesecake on the menu at Cheesecake Factory. So, with them you could, you know, have a different kind of cheesecake every day, you know, and just keep rotate, never get tired of it.

【Deanna】Every day, huh?

【Ken】You wouldn’t feel bad about eating cheesecake every day?

【Lawrence】Umm… my body might but I wouldn’t.

【Deanna】Ah, his soul won’t.

【Ken】Yeah, yeah.

【Lawrence】It’s not a guilty pleasure.

【Ken】Yeah, no cheesecake is great. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really into chips. I’m addicted to chips. So much so that I don’t even have it at the house. ‘Cause I’ll eat the whole bag. But just that, sort of, crunchiness and the burst of flavor, that’s really something I’m into. But uh, yeah I don’t have those at the house. That’s my guilty pleasure for sure, yeah.


【Lawrence】Although, one thing that’s stopping me from eating a lot cheesecake is it can be pretty expensive.


【Deanna】Yeah why is that?

【Lawrence】I don’t know if it’s a deterrent or if they know people will pay that much but… yeah…

【Deanna】It seems… It’s like a fancier dessert, that’s why.


【Ken】And it’s pretty labor intensive. Making a good cheesecake isn’t uh very easy to do so…

【Deanna】Do you know how to make cheesecake?

【Ken】Not me personally, but I have some friends that are into it and its difficult, it’s a difficult process.

【Lawrence】Can you give me their numbers?

【Ken】(Laughs) Sure no problem, no problem.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. How does Deanna like most of her food?
  2. Which restaurant in Long Beach does Deanna mention having good spicy food?
  3. What type of food does Lawrence mention really enjoying?



  1. She prefers almost everything she eats to be as spicy as possible.
  2. She mentions the Attic as a restaurant with dishes she finds appealing.
  3. He really enjoys cheesecake.



Deanna, Ken, and Lawrence share their favorite “guilty pleasure” foods in this episode. Deanna says she loves anything that is spicy.

Deanna enjoys hot Cheetos and sriracha on all her food. Both she and Ken are familiar with a restaurant in Long Beach called the “Attic,” which has good spicy food dishes.

Lawrence enjoys good cheesecake and how the restaurant, the “Cheesecake Factory,” offers a wide selection of different cheesecake types. If Lawrence could, he would gladly eat cheesecake every day.

For Ken, his favorite guilty pleasure food is chips. He enjoys their crunchy texture and the spike of flavor that comes after eating them.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Can’t stop oneself from(〜が止まらない)

Can’t stop oneself from ~を直訳すると、「〜する自分を止められない」、つまり、よくないと分かっていてもやってしまうことを表す表現です。例えば寝る前にラーメンを食べるのはよくないと分かっていても食べてしまう場合は、「I can’t stop myself from eating ramen before I go to sleep.」と表現します。また、悪習などに限らず、好きな音楽が流れるとつい踊り出してしまうような場合にも、「I can’t stop myself from dancing when I hear this song.」と言うことができます。

  • I can’t stop myself from eating chocolate when I’m stressed out.
  • She couldn’t stop herself from buying the new bag.
  • The movie was so sad. I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

2) Guilty pleasure(後ろめたい楽しみ)

Guilty pleasureは直訳すると「後ろめたい喜び」、つまり「よくないと分かっているけどやめられない楽しみ」を意味します。お酒やスイーツ、ジャンクフードや揚げ物といった食べ物の他、買い物やゲームなどにも使うことができます。

  • What is your guilty pleasure?
  • Japanese fried chicken is my guilty pleasure.
  • I know I need to stop playing video games but it’s my guilty pleasure.

3) Get tired of ~(〜に飽きてきた)

Get tired ofは、「〜に飽きてきた」や「〜にうんざりしてきた」という意味の表現で、同じ食べ物や同じ曲などに飽きてきた、と言う場合に使うことができます。「〜に飽きてきた」は I’m getting tired of ____、「〜に飽きた」はI’m tired of ____の形をとります。

  • Don’t you get tired of eating a sandwich for lunch every day?
  • I’m getting tired of eating at home. Do you want to eat out tonight?
  • I’m getting tired of this song. Can you change it?

4) Feel bad(悪いと思う)

Feel badは状況によって意味が異なりますが、基本的に、申し訳なさや悲しさ、恥ずかしさや後悔の気持ちなどを表す時に使われます。例えば、「遅刻して申し訳なく思っている」は「I feel bad about being late.」と言います。また、誰かを気の毒に思う場合はfeel bad for someoneの形をとり、例えば、 急に解雇された友達について「I feel bad for him.(可哀想に・お気の毒に)」と言うことができます。

  • I feel bad for baling out at the last minute.
  • Do you think he feels bad about what he did?
  • She had to cancel her wedding because of the coronavirus. I feel bad for her.

5) Labor intensive(多大な労力)

Labor intensive は多大な労力を必要とすることを表します。事業の運営には様々なコストが発生しますが、labor intensiveな事業の場合、人件費の割合が圧倒的に高くなります。ホテルやレストラン、語学学校や塾など、サービス業界は labor intensive と言えるでしょう。

  • 日常会話では肉体労働を指すこともあり、建設現場での仕事はlabor intensiveと言えます。
  • Being a farmer is pretty labor intensive.
  • Tourism is a labor-intensive industry.
  • I’m not into labor intensive activities.



  • Sprinkled・・・振りかけた
  • Attic・・・屋根裏
  • Crunchiness・・・パリパリ感
  • Deterrent・・・抑止する
  • Fancy・・・お洒落


  • Worst thing for you ever・・・体には最悪
  • All the time・・・いつも
  • Specialize in・・・〜を専門する
  • A while ago・・・ちょっと前に
  • Addicted to・・・〜中毒
  • Burst of flavor・・・はじける味



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  1. ダイ より:

    Hi Jun! 毎週楽しく聴かせていただいてます!
    質問です!Feel badの項に出てくるBaling outという表現はスラングだと思うのですが、Cancelと同じような意味合いで使えるものなのでしょうか?

    • Jun より:


      いつもありがとうございます。 bail out は「逃げる」や「去る」を意味する口語表現で、状況によっては「キャンセルする」を意味します。基本的には、「ドタキャンする(bail out at the last minute)」の意味合いとして使われます。

  2. Ami より:

    こんばんは。私も例文のドタキャンのところがどうしても聞き取れなかったのですが、”Bail out”と言っていたんですね!私の好きなワールドトリガーという漫画で戦闘員たちが逃げる時に言っている「ベイルアウト!」の意味も学べました!いつも素敵な動画、記事などありがとうございます☺️

  3. Rika より:

    Lawrence が言っている、with Cheesecake Factory, pretty nice restaurant I would say, のwith は何の意味で使っていますか?

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