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Released: 2020.05.29





【Ken】Alright, so guys umm, what about music? What do you guys listen to?

【Deanna】Alright, Lawrence is pointing at me, so I’m gonna (going to) take it away. Uh, I listen to… everyone says this, but I listen to literally everything. Umm, since I danced Hula, I grew up with a lot of Hawaiian music. Umm, Kuana Torres Kahele, a lot of these island… people’s names and I really enjoy oldies, so big Beatles fan, trying to learn some Beatles songs on the guitar. And uh, I like uh David Bowie, umm… what else? I guess Earth Wind and Fire, gets me in the groove. I don’t know… and umm… Porter Robinson, I like DJs as well. I think he’s a good artist. Uh yeah I’m really all over the place. How about you guys?

【Lawrence】Umm, I’m pretty much almost exclusively hard-rock, classic rock.


【Lawrence】Umm, my favorite… band/artist/guitarist umm is Slash. Umm, primarily known from Guns & Roses, does solo stuff now. Yeah, umm, in high school I really got interested in J-rock so a lot of bands from there and then just umm, basically moving from there trying to get some newer stuff as well as some more classic stuff, like Led Zeppelin and uh those kind of guys.

【Deanna】Nice. How about you Ken?

【Ken】Umm, I’m all over the place so I’m kind of like you Deanna, I think. I listen to a lot of stuff. Like you mentioned the Beatles, I’m a huge Beatles fan. When I was in college, I took this history of rock and roll class.

【Deanna】Oh! That sounds cool.

【Ken】Oh it was great! And that’s how I got introduced into the Beatles. Umm, and… I’ve been a big fan ever since. But uh, yeah I listen to a lot of dance music, so I am familiar with Porter Robinson.


【Ken】Umm… you know, I like Calvin Harris, been a fan of his for a long long time. But yeah, I listen to a lot of… like club music, so deep house music, sort of uh, you know stuff a little bit off the radar.

【Deanna】So we do have similarities!

【Ken】Yeah, definitely definitely. Yeah yeah… yeah.

【Deanna】Yeah, that’s cool. Umm, how do you like… uh electronic dance music? What type of…

【Ken】Umm, like what do I like about it?

【Deanna】Yeah, what do you like about it?

【Ken】Umm, well I think music has a really powerful effect on me. You know, it effects my mood a lot, so dance music is always upbeat, energetic, you know? And sometimes I’m a little sluggish so I need a little, you know, I need a little help to get going, and so dance music is always uh something that I go to uh sort of pick me up, give me a little energy.

【Deanna】I see, and its universal too. A lot of times there’s no lyrics.

【Ken】Exactly, yeah.

【Deanna】So everyone can kind of listen to it and relate. So uh, I like that about electronic music.

【Ken】Yeah, you interpret it, you know, on your own. Umm, where as other genres of music, there’s words and so it’s kind of interpreted for you. There’s a little wiggle room there, but dance music, you know, you just listen to it and it’s sort of more about mood.

【Deanna】I see, oh, okay… do you like dance music too?

【Lawrence】Not really…



【Deanna】There’s always… I feel like you either love it or you hate it.


【Lawrence】I wouldn’t say I hate it… it’s just it’s mmm… not into it.

【Deanna】Okay, yeah, respectable.

【Ken】Oh I definitely love it.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What sort of music did Deanna grow up with?
  2. What classic band do both Deanna and Ken mention liking?
  3. Why does Ken enjoy electronic and dance music?



  1. She grew up with a lot of Hawaiian music because she danced hula.
  2. Both enjoy the Beatles.
  3. Ken likes electronic and dance because it’s usually uplifting, gives him energy, and puts him in a generally good mood.



Deanna, Ken, and Lawrence share their musical tastes in this episode. Deanna begins by discussing the music she grew up with.

Deanna danced hula growing up, and so was surrounded by Hawaiian music as she did. Now, Deanna enjoys all kinds of music. She likes classics as well as newer acts, like DJs such as Porter Robinson.

Lawrence enjoys hard rock and classic rock, with his favorite guitarist being Slash. In high school, he became interested in J-rock, and from there, he explored other variations of the rock genre.

Ken, like Deanna, also enjoys the Beatles. However he also enjoys electronic and dance music. For Ken, dance music is often upbeat and helps put him in a relaxed or happy mood. Both Deanna and Ken enjoy dance music, but Lawrence isn’t as big a fan as they are of it.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Oldie(懐メロ)


  • This was my high school jam. What an oldie!
  • What are some of your favorite oldies?
  • You should read this book. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

2) Groove(テンションが上がる)

Grooveにはいろいろな意味がありますが、今日の会話では音楽を聴いてテンションが上がることを表しています。リズムやテンポがよく、自然と体が動き出しそうなノリの良い曲を指すことが多く、____ gets me in the grooveの形でよく使われます。

  • Every time I hear this song, it gets me in the groove.
  • She’s feeling the music. She’s grooving!
  • What kind of music gets you in the groove?

3) Off the radar(気づかれないで)

Off the radar は直訳すると「レーダーに引っかからない」、つまり、気付かれずにいたり目立たないでいることを表す表現です。一般的にはunder the radarと言い、「目立たないように行動する」は fly under the radarと言います。今日の会話では、「あまり知られていない音楽」という意味で使われています。

  • I haven’t heard from Tom in years. He’s been off the radar.
  • They’re trying to keep their relationship under the radar.
  • How were they able to fly under the radar for so long?

4) Sluggish(だるい)

Slugが「怠け者」を意味することから、sluggishは「だるい」や「やる気がない」状態を表します。「だるい」は 「I feel sluggish」と言いますが、人の状態に限らず、不景気やノロノロとした動作に対しても使うことができます。

  • I feel sluggish today. I don’t feel like doing anything.
  • This hot and humid weather is making me sluggish.
  • The economy is pretty sluggish right now.

5) Pick someone up(元気づける)

Pick up は数多くの意味を持つ表現ですが、今日の会話では「元気づける」という意味で使われています。調子が悪い時や落ち込んでいる時に元気づけてくれる人や物、音楽の他に、コーヒーや栄養ドリンクなど、カフェイン入りのドリンクを飲んで目が覚めたり、元気になったりする時にも使うことができます。

  • Listening to this song really picks me up.
  • When I’m feeling down, my friends are always there to pick me up.
  • I’m feeling sluggish. I think I need an energy drink to pick me up.



  • Literally・・・文字通り
  • Exclusively・・・専ら
  • Primarily・・・主に
  • Upbeat・・・明るい・エネルギッシュな
  • Interpret・・・解釈
  • Wiggle room・・・〜の余地


  • Pointing at me・・・私を指差している
  • Take it away・・・(私から)始める
  • Grow up with・・・〜で育つ
  • All over the place・・・バラバラ
  • Familiar with・・・よく知っている
  • A lot of times・・・大抵



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  1. Hironori Noto より:

    Hi Jun,
    This first time to contact you. I enjoy your lesson every day.
    You commented in this lesson.I love Nujabes too, so l recommend you another good musician “Kenichiro Nishihara”. You can find his album in prime music. The title “natural remix” is my oldie!

    Thank you.

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