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Released: 2020.04.17





【Chris】Do you text or are you a Facebook Messenger guy


【Chris】…or are you a Kakao guy, or, you know…which—what do you prefer to communicate? Do you…

【Christian】Uh, I’m a little all over the place. But if I had to choose, I would definitely be a texter.


【Christian】Uh, just ‘cause (because)…I don’t know. Something about calling someone is so…I don’t know, maybe invasive, or…it just, like—I don’t like it.

【Chris】Yeah, yeah.

【Christian】I don’t know. It’s like, if I can text, I would rather text than call.

【Chris】I’m the same way. It’s very antisocial.


【Chris】Um… (laughs) But I think that, you know, I’m the same way. I definitely want to text. I answer with texts. I screen all my calls, unless it’s like, you know, my dad or someone calling me, then I’m gonna (going to) answer that phone.
But um, for the most part, yeah definitely text everybody. It just seems quicker, cleaner, um it’s, you know, easy to get your point across. Um, but I think there’s definitely some people out there that probably don’t appreciate that.

【Christian】Like uh, for example, one time, like, I’ll call my friend, and then he will, um not answer and then text back, like, “Oh, what’s up?” Like, you know?


【Christian】Like, why didn’t you just answer your phone? (laughs)

【Chris】Yeah. Well, and that could very well be that he’s busy.

【Christian】Busy, yeah, right.

【Chris】He’s like, you know, doing something, um…so, you know, it’s hard to tell. You don’t know where—where everyone’s at, you know what I mean? They could be doing something, so.

【Christian】Yeah. Sometimes I get impatient, though. I’m like…I’ll just call, and be like—‘cause I want the answer, right away.


【Christian】And I think that’s just me, personally.


【Christian】But like, if someone wants to ask me something, I’d rather they text me than call me. (laughs)

【Chris】Okay. Wow.

【Christian】So I guess I’m a bit biased, or whatever.

【Chris】Yeah, got it.

【Christian】Yeah, so it’s just personal. Do you hate when people ask you, like, “Hey are you busy?” and they don’t tell you why? Or like, “Hey, um, can you help me?” And then they don’t explain anything? They just text you a lot.

【Chris】You know what, that is…that is—I haven’t really thought about that too much, but that’s a great question, and…it kinda (kind of) creeps me out, yeah. If someone’s like, “Hey, what are you doing?”


【Chris】You know what I mean? Like, how do I answer this? You know what I mean? Um…

【Christian】Do you lie, and be like, “I am very busy working now.” (laughs)

【Chris】Yeah, exactly. Yeah, “I’m very busy.” And it could be like, “Well, I’m moving out of my apartment, and I need some help right now.” You know what I mean?

【Christian】Then I’m definitely busy. (laughs)

【Chris】You don’t know, right? So that’s a good question.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What is Christian’s preferred method of electronic communication?
  2. Which person does Chris mention he will make an exception for when screening incoming phone calls?
  3. What kinds of texts do Chris and Christian dislike receiving?



  1. Christian generally prefers texting for communication.
  2. Chris will answer the phone if someone important, like his father, is calling him.
  3. Both dislike receiving vague texts that don’t explain their intentions, such as, “What are you doing?”



Chris and Christian discuss the differences between phone calls and texting as means of electronic communication. Both identify good and bad things with each method.

Christian generally prefers texting, as he believes it is less intrusive in people’s lives. Chris agrees, adding that he usually screens incoming phone calls unless the caller is someone important, such as his father.

Christian gives the example of his friend, who when Christian calls him, doesn’t pick up his phone and instead responds later with a text. While Christian wishes his friend would have initially picked up his phone, both he and Chris acknowledge in situations like that, the person being called might be too busy to pick up.

Neither Christian nor Chris like vague texts that don’t explain their intentions. Such texts include messages like, “What are you doing?” and only after responding do the senders of these texts explain their reason for messaging.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) All over the place (バラバラ)

All over the place は本来、「至る所に」や「あちこち」を意味しますが、日常会話では様々な意味での幅広さを指して「バラバラ」という意味もあります。例えば、好きな音楽や映画のジャンルを聞かれた時に、「I’m all over the place.」と言うと、いろいろなジャンルに興味を持っていることを示します。

  • I’m all over the place when it comes to music. I listen to all sorts of music.
  • I don’t have a particular genre of movie that I like. I’m all over the place.
  • I use LINE, iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp. I guess I’m all over the place.

2) There is something about(何となく〜が気になる)

There is something aboutは「何となく〜が気になる」や「何となく〜のような気がする」といった意味の表現で、何となく信用できない人、何となく怪しげなお店、特別な魅力やオーラを感じる人など、何かしら心に引っかかるものがある時に使われます。

  • 日常会話ではThere isを省いてSomething about ____と言うこともあります。
  • There is something about him that I can’t trust. I don’t know what it is though.
  • There is something special about that player. I bet he’s going to be a superstar one day.
  • There’s something about her. I just can’t stop thinking about her.

3) Antisocial (非社交的な)


  • She can be antisocial at times.
  • Don’t be so antisocial. Just come out with us tonight.
  • He might come off a bit antisocial but he’s just shy around strangers.

4) Screen a call(かかってくる電話を選んで取る)

Screen a callは電話に着信があった時に発信者によって出るか出ないかを判断することを意味する表現です。元々はcall screeningと言い、特定の発信者からの電話に出ないことや着信拒否設定をすることを意味します。

  • Do you screen your calls?
  • I get so many random calls from numbers I don’t recognize. I have no choice but to screen my calls.
  • Do you know you can turn on call screening on your phone?

5) Creep someone out (ゾッとさせる)

Creepは本来、ヘビやミミズがゆっくり進む様子を表す表現ですが、「ゾッとする」「気味が悪い」という意味でも使われることから、creep someone outは「〜をゾッとさせる」を表します。心霊写真を見てゾッとしたり、意味不明な言動をとる人や不気味な目線を送ってくる人などに対し「気味が悪い」と感じるような状況で使われます。

  • ちなみに「ゾッとさせる」はgive someone the creepsとも言います。
  • That guy over there is creeping me out. He keeps staring at me.
  • There is something about that restaurant that gives me the creeps.
  • Is there anything that creeps you out?



  • Text・・・ショートメール
  • Invasive・・・押し入る
  • Impatient・・・待てない
  • Biased・・・偏ってる


  • 〜 guy・・・〜派
  • I’m the same way・・・私も同じ
  • Right away・・・すぐに



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  1. Pon より:


    「~and only after responding do the senders of these texts explain their reason for messaging.」

    “~and only after responding the senders~”という感じで


  2. SEIJI より:



    I’ll call my friend, and then he will, um not answer and then text back, like, “Oh, what’s up?”


    「以前友達に電話した時、電話に出ずに「何か用?」ってショートメールで 返してきたヤツがいたな」




  3. yoko より:


    「~only after responding do the senders of these texts explain their reason for messaging.」について、
    do はexplainを強調してるのかなと思ったのですが、

    only after responding the senders of these texts ”do” explain


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