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Released: 2019.02.08





【Kai】So when you were younger, what did you do to pass the time?

【Kristen】Um…so I feel like when I was home—I’ve always been an indoors type. (laughs)

【Kai】Oh yeah.

【Kristen】I’m not into, like going outside and stuff.


【Kristen】So usually when I was home I would just watch TV, like go on the Internet and stuff. But the one thing that I did do outside of home was dance.


【Kristen】So I took dance lessons from when I was three years old up until I graduated from high school. Um and for most of the time I was taking six classes, four days a week.

【Kai】Oh wow.

【Kristen】So including Saturday mornings, um I did ballet, jazz, character, modern, and contemporary.

【Kai】Oh wow.

【Kristen】And so I did kind of like, a lot. And I really liked it. And so, um I spent a lot of time in the studio.

【Kai】What was your favorite, like type of dance to do?

【Kristen】My strength was definitely in ballet.


【Kristen】Definitely. Um I really liked it. I started doing point in maybe sixth grade. And so I also did point as well as flat but, yeah. And then my studio also did like, end of the year performances every year.


【Kristen】And it would be a combination of acting and dancing and it would be based on a story production like, um Peter Pan…


【Kristen】…or The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and so on. And I was in—I would always be one of the main roles


【Kristen】…in—every time. So that was always really fun. Like, preparing for the show and, like practicing like, my solo and acting and everything, along with the dances. So it was always really fun.

【Kai】That takes a lot of courage. (laughs)

【Kristen】(laughs) Actually, not at all. Yeah, ‘cause (because) I just really liked doing it. It was, like the one thing that I did, really. So I really enjoyed it and even now I really miss doing it. So I hope—I’ve always been hoping I can do it again.

【Kai】When you were indoors, like, you would just, like be on the Internet, or…

【Kristen】Yeah, yeah, yeah. So at home, I would just kind of, like be on the internet. Like, watch—I watched a lot of TV.

【Kai】Okay, okay.

【Kristen】Especially—I liked really, kind of old shows like, maybe like, not so old, but like, Full House and like…


【Kristen】I’d watch like, Sister, Sister and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

【Kai】Oh, yeah. Those are great shows. (laughs)

【Kristen】Yeah. And I also, like—of course, liked cartoons like Spongebob and everything. Even now I love Spongebob.


【Kristen】It’s so funny. But um, yeah. I really didn’t do much when I was just home, so basically the only time I went out was for dance class.

【Kai】Oh, wow.

【Kristen】And then sometimes my friends would come say, “Kristen, you need to get outside.”


【Kristen】I’d be like, “Okay.” And then we’d go to, like Olive Garden or something.


【Kristen】I lived in New Hampshire.


【Kristen】It was the middle of nowhere, so our idea—our only way to go out was to go to Olive Garden or go to Walmart.


【Kristen】And that was, like our big adventure. 10 p.m. my friend pulled up, “Hey, let’s go to Walmart.” “Oh, yes!”


【Kristen】Crazy stuff, right now. We’d go to Walmart and, like walk around and, maybe buy some Pop Tarts.


【Kristen】That was our life.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What was the main activity outside of staying home and watching television that Kristen did in her youth?
  2. What are some of the televisions shows Kristen mentioned that she enjoyed watching in her youth?
  3. What two places did Kristen and her friends visit in New Hampshire to get out of the house?



  1. Kristen went to dance classes, practicing a variety of dance styles.
  2. She enjoyed watching Full House, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sister, Sister, and Spongebob Squarepants.
  3. When Kristen and her friends wanted to go out, they’d often go to Walmart or Olive Garden.



Kristen talked about her childhood in this episode and the things she liked to do to pass her free time. For the most part, Kristen liked to watch television and use the internet, however there was one activity in particular she did outside of the house.

Kristen regularly attended dance classes throughout the week during her childhood, specifically six classes, four days a week. She practiced a variety of dance types, but she was particularly skilled at ballet.

Kristen’s studio held end of the year performances every year, and Kristen usually played a main role in the performance. Her studio often performed story productions like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz.

Growing up in New Hampshire, Kristen said there wasn’t a lot to do in her hometown. However, she and her friends liked getting out of the house by going to Walmart to browse and shop and Olive Garden to eat.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Pass the time(暇をつぶす)

Pass the timeは「暇をつぶす」という意味の日常表現で、特に待ち時間や空き時間を有効に使うニュアンスが含まれます。「〜をして暇をつぶした」と言う場合、「passed the time + 動詞ing」または「動詞(過去形) to pass the time」の形をとります。

  • I didn’t have anything to do so I passed the time at Starbucks.
  • We played cards to pass the time.
  • We have a six-hour layover. We need to do something to pass the time.

2) Based on(〜に基づいて)

Based onは「〜に基づいて」を意味する日常表現で、「実話に基づいた映画」、「統計や事実に基づいた意見」など、様々な場面で使えます。Based off (of)と言う人もいますが、こちらの表現は1990年代から使われるようになったと言われており、based onでもbased offでも、意味やニュアンスは同じです。

  • This movie is based on a true story.
  • Is what you’re saying based on facts?
  • Tonight’s dinner is based off a recipe I saw on Cookpad.

3) Along with(〜と一緒に)

Along withは大きく分けて2つの意味を持ちます。1つ目は、「〜と一緒に」という意味で、誰かとどこかへ行ったり、何かを一緒にしたりすることを表します。2つ目は、「〜に加えて」という意味で、in addition toのより口語的な表現です。

  • Did Jason go along with Tom to the grocery store?
  • I ate a warm chocolate cookie along with vanilla ice cream. It was delicious.
  • She bought me a dress shirt along with a matching tie.

4) Middle of nowhere(何もない場所)

Middle of nowhereは、市街地から離れて何もない場所や、へんぴな場所を指し、いわゆる「人里離れた場所」に相当する表現です。

  • We are in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even get reception.
  • You live in the middle of nowhere. Is there even a convenience store around here?
  • I grew up in the countryside of Japan. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere.

5) Pull up(車を止める)

Pull upにはいろいろな意味がありますが、今日の会話では「車を止める」ことを意味します。この表現は、馬に乗っている人が手綱をグイっと引いて(pull up)馬を止めることに由来しています。

  • Can you pull up to the driveway?
  • Pull up right behind that car.
  • There’s a suspicious black van that pulled up outside our house.



  • Indoors type・・・インドア派
  • Contemporary・・・現代の
  • Strength・・・得意
  • Role・・・役


  • Up until・・・〜まで
  • Combination of・・・〜を織り交ぜた
  • Not at all・・・そんなことない
  • Even now・・・今も



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  1. 木村ゆみの より:

    pass the time は、kil the time と同じ意味と使い方ですか?

  2. Chika より:

    Yay! I finally caught up! It took a year or so since I started listening to your podcasts. I’ve learned a lot and am looking forward to the next episode.

    • Jun より:

      Hi Chika!

      Wow, that’s amazing! I’m thrilled to hear that you are all caught up! Now you can stay up-to-date with all the new info and things that are going on in my life 😉 Great job!!

  3. Mako より:

    And so I also did point as well as flat.

    point はある時点という意味でしょうか?

    • Jun より:


      ここはバレエダンス用語です。pointがポワント(爪先立ち)、flatはおそらく、ballet flatの略で、バレリーナが履く靴を指しているのだと思います。

      • Mako より:

        Thank you Jun!!
        I feel relieved!!

      • Blackbird より:


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