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Released: 2018.09.21





【Deanna】Well, yeah. I guess for me it goes back to my India trip. That was just insane. But that first night when we showed up late at night, um…our taxi—we finally got a taxi and he didn’t want to take us to the hotel that we booked. Um, he…we booked a hotel in advance. It was about five U.S. dollars a night. That’s how cheap it was.
Um, but he wanted to get commission, you know, from his friend’s hotel as a taxi driver. So he kept insisting, “Oh, no. Come to my friend’s hotel. It’s fine.” You know, “It’s beautiful.” And we said, “No, no, no. Just take us to our hotel.”
And he ended up taking us to this dark alley and he said, “Okay, come with me.” And this is, like, at 12 a.m. in the middle of the night, and he said, “Come with me. Leave your suitcases. Don’t worry.” And we were talking with some tour guide for about an hour, um about the other great hotels that are out there. Not the one that we booked.
So we…eventually we just said, “Okay, well, we don’t wanna (want to)…we don’t wanna get into any sketchy situations.” So we, um went to his friend’s hotel…ended up being a hundred dollars a night.


【Deanna】And um…yeah, you know, it ended up working out, but the next day we actually went to, uh…we were going to the Himalayas for a yoga retreat, and um, they—they were driving us and in the middle of the drive, they stopped. And they said, “Okay, get out. Take your luggage out and you’re gonna (going to) walk the rest of the way to get up to the retreat.” (laughs)


【Deanna】And we…we were like, “What? What’s going on?” And they said, “Don’t worry,” you know, “Our boys will help you.” So these guys are holding our luggage and, you know, we’re climbing up this mountain, up to our retreat, and we could’ve sworn we were gonna get killed in a dark alley or in the mountain somewhere.


【Deanna】But it—it ended up working out. There were nice people and, you know, I like to tell this story ‘cause (because) I think it was really fun and my dad I think is scarred for life. But…


【Deanna】…it was good. Yeah. (laughs)

【Ken】It sounds like you have a lot more tolerance for these types of things than your dad does. (laughs)

【Deanna】(laughs) He—no, he’s—he was great to travel with. Um, he just has a different idea of a vacation for sure.

【Ken】Maybe he has a more luxurious, uh type of vacation in mind.

【Deanna】Yeah, he’s the Bora Bora…you know, the bungalow type thing, uh with the margarita in hand, and… (laughs) I’m…let’s—I’m the type that’s saying, “Let’s sleep with bugs with on the ground.” (laughs)


【Deanna】I don’t know. It is bizarre. But yeah, I enjoyed it in the end.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. Where did Deanna’s taxi driver in India initially want to take her?
  2. Why was Deanna traveling to the Himalayas?
  3. What happened to Deanna on her way up to the yoga retreat?



  1. He wanted to take her to his friend’s hotel as opposed to the hotel she had booked.
  2. She was going for a yoga retreat.
  3. The driver told the passengers to unload their luggage and walk the rest of the distance to the retreat.



Ken and Deanna continued to discuss bizarre stories from their travels. Deanna carried most of the discussion this episode by talking about her trip to India.

When she and her father finally got a taxi in India, their driver did not want to take them to the hotel they had booked. He wanted instead to take them to his friend’s hotel so he could get commission from the trip.

Deanna and her father insisted they wanted to go to their booked hotel, and the taxi driver then took them to a dark alley where they were met by a tour guide who suggested they go to any hotel but the one they had booked. Deanna and her father eventually settled on a more expensive hotel because they did not want to get into a dangerous situation.

The next day on their trip, Deanna and her father traveled to the Himalayas for a yoga retreat. On their way up, their driver told the passengers to exit and walk the remainder of the distance up to the retreat.

Deanna and her father were at first worried but in the end they made it to the retreat without issue. Deanna loved the experience, but feels her father enjoys more luxurious vacation destinations rather than adventurous ones like she does.

Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Book(予約する )

Bookはホテルやレストラン、飛行機の座席などを「予約する」ことを表し、Make a reservationより口語的なニュアンスがあります。Bookの意味は本来、「本」ですが、予約表(book)に予約を書き込むことから「予約する」という意味に派生しました。日本でもよく使われる「ダブルブッキング」という表現も、そこから派生しています。

  • しかし人と会うために予約をとりつけることはmake an appointmentと言い、bookは使えないので気をつけましょう。
  • I didn’t book a room yet. I’ll do it tonight.
  • I booked a table for six at eight tonight.
  • I booked my flight to Hawaii. I’m so excited!

2) That’s how cheap it was(それだけ安かったんです)

「That is how…it was.」は、何かを強調する時に使われる表現です。例えば今回の会話でディアナは、インドで予約したホテルが5ドルだったことを伝えた後に、「That’s how cheap it was.(それだけ安かったの)」と言い、宿泊費がいかに安かったかを強調しています。

  • 「That’s how hot it was.(それだけ暑かったんです)」や、 「That’s how tired I was.(それだけ疲れていたんです)」のように、形容詞を入れ替えて、あらゆる意味の文章を作ることができます。
  • My fingers were getting numb. That’s how cold it was.
  • The train workers were pushing people into the train. That’s how crowded it was.
  • She fell asleep while she was talking. That’s how tired she was.

3) Sketchy (怪しい)


  • This area looks pretty sketchy. Are you sure it’s safe to walk around here?
  • There’s a sketchy looking guy over there. Do you see him?
  • Do you think this place is legit? It seems kind of sketchy to me.

4) Swear(本当に〜だ)

Swearは、本来「誓う」という意味の単語ですが、日常会話では「誓う」と言うより、友達との会話で自分の主張が真実であることを強調して「本当に〜だよ!」や「本当に〜してないよ!」と言う時に用いられるカジュアルな表現です。特に自分の発言が疑われているような状況で使われます。今日の会話でディアナは、 「We could’ve sworn we were gonna get killed.」と言いますが、これは「本当に殺されるかと思った」ということを意味します。

  • I swear I got a perfect score on the TOEIC test. Do you want me to show it to you?
  • I swear I don’t have your cell phone. You probably left it at the last restaurant.
  • I could’ve sworn I gave you the flash drive. Are you sure don’t have it?

5) Scar(傷跡になる)

Scarは本来、「傷跡」を意味する単語で、手術やケガなどによる肉体的な傷跡だけでなく、虐待などによる精神的な傷跡を指す場合にも使われます。動詞として使う場合は基本的にbe scarredの形をとります。例えば、今日の会話でディアナは、「my dad is scarred for life.」と言いますが、これは、インドで恐ろしい経験をした父親は「一生、心に傷を負っている」ということを表しています。

  • You’d better go to the hospital. That’s going to scar.
  • After that traumatic incident, he might be scarred for life.
  • What you said left her emotionally scarred.



  • Insane・・・すごい
  • Insist・・・言い張る
  • Alley・・・路地
  • Tolerance・・・耐性


  • Go back to・・・戻る
  • Show up・・・現れる・到着する
  • Middle of the night・・・深夜
  • Work out・・・うまくいく
  • Rest of the way・・・残りの道のり
  • Has a different idea・・・考えが違う



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  1. NK より:

    I have finally caught up with you!
    I have kept studying from your podcast episode 1 to the latest one.
    I made it!
    Please continue to give us great lessons.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Jun より:


      Awesome! Congrats on catching up! That is a LOT of episodes to listen to!! Make sure you don’t fall behind 😉

  2. SEIJI より:

    今回のSummaryの3段落目で、where they met by…とありますが、ここのパートをto get met byに言い換えれますか?

    • Jun より:


      いつもHapa英会話で学習していただき、ありがとうございます!ここで、get を使いたくなる気持ちはすごく分かりますが、ここでは get met byを使うのはちょっと違和感があります。 get met byの組み合わせが一般的に使われていないのですが、 “got approached by”だったらOKです。getって結構難しいですね(笑)

  3. katu より:


    • Kiki より:

      katu 様、

      現在はアップされておりますので、最新Episode 208をお聴き頂けるかと存じます。



  4. 巻渕かおり より:


    例文の、Do you think this place is legit?
    使い方も、「all right」と同等の意味になるのでしょうか?

    • Jun より:



      はい、legit は legitimate の略です。legit (legitimate) は辞書に説明されている通り、「妥当な・正当な」の意味としても使われますが、日常会話では、「大丈夫」や「ちゃんとした」という意味としても使われます。all right よりは「ちゃんとしている」意味合いが込められているように思います。

  5. たーこ より:


    最初の、奥様と体験された怖いエピソードのところで、背中合わせで立っていた というところがありますが、
    4:40 had backs against each other
    6:00 stood with their backs against each other



    • Jun より:


      こんにちは!いつもYoutube & Podcastを視聴してくれてありがとうございます!私がイントロで言った部分ですが、それでほぼ正解です!

      ・had “our” backs against each other
      ・stood there with “our” backs against each other


  6. Yuji より:

    質問なのですが,We could’ve sworn we were gonna get killed.の文法は仮定法のあつかいになるのでしょうか?
    それとも,could have sworn that で一つのイディオムなのでしょうか?

    • Jun より:


      こんにちは!プレミアムコースは順調ですか? “could have sworn” は「絶対に〜だ」や「確かに〜だ」を表すお決まりのフレーズです。かなり口語的な響きがある表現です😊

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