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Released: 2014.06.13




【Chris】So Jeffery…


【Chris】Tell me about your dream job.

【Jeff】My dream job. Hm um, what do you wanna (want to) know?

【Chris】What makes a dream job? Why…What would you…If you could pick anything, any job in the whole world what would it be?

【Jeff】I would be a musician and get paid money to sustain living and live comfortably.

【Chris】Oh that’s really cool.


【Chris】Now you are a musician already.

【Jeff】Yes just not one that makes money.

【Chris】Just not one that make money yet.


【Chris】You will one day. I guarantee ya (you). I’m sure you will.

【Jeff】Yeah hopefully if I keep…if I keep at it.

【Chris】Yeah and if (it’s) something you love to do. How long you’ve been doing it for?

【Jeff】Um I don’t know I got my first synthesizer when I was sixteen or seventeen. Um you know I saved up money when I was in high school and bought it myself. Um and so yeah I guess that would be almost ten years now that I’ve been, you know, seriously taking it. Uh you know, step by step.

【Chris】Do you have any role models?

【Jeff】Um yeah I have kind of an interesting taste of (in) music. I don’t think most people even know the musician that I like but um you know I probably…artist that I like the most um, I really like Marilyn Manson um I…there’s a Japanese musician, Sheena Ringo, that I really like. Um mm, they might be my two most influential musicians.

【Chris】And Marilyn Manson, she’s really cool right? She’s got blonde long hair?

【Jeff】Uh huh.

【Chris】And she’s um really tall. Or short. She’s short right?

【Jeff】You’re thinking of Lady Gaga maybe?

【Chris】Oh right right right Lady Gaga.


【Chris】Who’s Marilyn Manson?

【Jeff】Oh like you don’t know Marilyn Manson.

【Chris】I have no idea who that is, no. I’m…I’m older generation. I’m…I’m like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses.

【Jeff】I’m pretty sure you know Marilyn Manson.

【Chris】All right maybe I’ve seen her around. (Laugh)



Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What is Jeff’s dream job?
  2. When did Jeff get into music?
  3. Who are Jeff’s role models?



  1. His dream job is to be a musician.
  2. He started getting into music when he was sixteen or seventeen years old.
  3. Marilyn Manson and Sheena Ringo.



Jeff’s dream job is to be a musician. He wants to become a musician that get’s paid enough money to sustain a living and live comfortably.

Jeff currently makes music but he just doesn’t make money from it yet. He is taking it step by step and hopes to make it big one day.

Jeff’s been doing music for almost 10 years now. He got into music when he was sixteen or seventeen years old. He saved up money in high school and bought his first synthesizer.

Marilyn Manson and Sheena Ringo have been the two most influential musicians.

Chris plays dumb and acts like he doesn’t know who Marilyn Manson is.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Keep at _____(根気よく続ける)

◎「Keep at」は今まで頑張ってきたことを「根気よく続ける」「諦めずに続ける」ことを意味します。「at」の一言を加えるだけで「諦めずに」が強調されます。
◎「諦めないで頑張ってね」は「Keep at it」相手を励ます時に使われる英語の決まり文句です。
◎「Keep at」の後は「動詞」に「ing」を加えて文章を作ります。

  • If I keep at it.(もし根気よく続けたらね)
  • You have to keep at it.(諦めないで続けないと)
  • Keep at studying English.(英語を諦めずに続けてください)

2) Save up(お金を貯める)

◎「Save up」は「Save」と同じ意味ですが、貯金を表す日常会話で使われる言い方です。
◎「〜を買うために貯金する」は「Save up for」、「〜 ために十分なお金を貯める」は「Save up enough money for」になります。

  • I saved up when I was in high school.(高校の時にお金を貯めました)
  • I’m saving up for a new car.(新車を買うためにお金を貯めています)
  • I saved up enough money to buy a house.(新築を購入するために十分なお金を貯めました)

3) Take something seriously(真面目に受け止める)

◎ 状況によって意味は若干異なりますが、「Take something seriously」は物事を真剣に「受け止める」「考える」を意味します。
◎「むきになる人」も「Take seriously」で表すことができます。

  • I have been taking music seriously.(音楽を真剣に取り組んでいます)
  • Don’t take him seriously.(彼のことを真面目に受け止めないように)
  • Why are you taking it so seriously?(なんでむきになっているの?)

4) Taste in something(好み)

◎ 音楽やファッションなど好みや趣味を表す時に英語では「Taste」という言葉を使います。
◎「センスが良い」「趣味が良い」は「Have a good taste in」、センスが悪いは「Have a bad taste in」になります。

  • I have an interesting taste in music.(私の音楽の好みは変わっています)
  • You have a good taste in fashion.(ファッションのセンスいいですね)
  • She has a strange taste in men.(彼女の男性のタイプは変わっていますね)

5) Act like you don’t know(とぼける)

◎ 知っているのに、知らないふりをすること、「とぼける」ことを英語で「Act like you don’t know」と表します。
◎ 逆に知ったかぶりをするは「Act like you know」になります。

  • Don’t act like you don’t know.(とぼけないで)
  • Don’t act like you don’t know Marilyn Manson.(とぼけないで。マリリン・マンソン知っているでしょう)
  • Don’t act like you know it.(知ったかぶりしないで)



  • In the whole world・・・この世の中で
  • Get paid・・・稼ぐ
  • Live comfortably・・・不自由なく暮らす
  • I guarantee you・・・保証します
  • Step by step・・・着実に、少しずつ
  • You’re thinking of _____・・・〜と思っているでしょう



  • Sustain・・・維持する
  • One day・・・いつか
  • Synthesizer・・・シンセサイザー
  • Role model・・・手本となる人
  • Influential・・・影響力の強い
  • Generation・・・世代


Family Guy – “Sarcasm”

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  1. kote より:

    Hi Jun.

    I’ve got a question where it says “I have an interesting taste in music.”
    You translated it as “私の音楽の好みは変わっています”. In Japanese, the phrase “変わっている” doesn’t really sound positive. (Some people use it in a good way, but mostly it sounds negative)
    Does “interesting taste”sounds positive or neutral? Do you say “strange or obscure taste” if you want to mean it in a bad way?

    • Jun より:

      Hi Kote,

      That’s a great question!! In my opinion “interesting taste” has more of a “positive” meaning to it. Another word that comes to mind when referring to something positive is “unique.” On the other hand, I would say “strange taste” or “weird taste” are two commonly used words in conversation that gives a “negative” nuance. Are there any Japanese words/expressions that provides a positive meaning for “Interesting taste?” Someone told me「ユニーク」also has somewhat a negative meaning too. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Hana より:


    • Hana より:


    • Jun より:


      おそらく、クリスさんのことですね。ジェフさんがマリリン・マンソンの話をしている時に、クリスが、「She’s got blonde long hair? And she’s um really tall. Or short. She’s short right?(ブロンドで、背がすごく高い女性?低い女性?)」のように皮肉で言っています。マリリン・マンソンは女性でなく男性で、アメリカ人だったら誰でも知っている有名アーティストなので、クリスはここで冗談を言ってます。彼は、マリリン・モンローのことを表現していたんじゃないかなと、僕は思っています(笑)

  3. 大島 より:

    hi jun!
    I saved up enough money to buy a house. は for a now house. でもいいんでしょうか??

  4. Chie より:

    Hi, Junさん

  5. sho より:


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