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Released: 2014.05.24




【Chris】So Anne do you have any ideas to help me quit smoking?

【Anne】Wow, um drink more coffee. (Laugh)

【Chris】 Drink more coffee? Is coffee good for you? They say it’s not…Well they say it’s pretty good for you. I think it’s a really a well studied beverage right? It’s been around for a million years.

【Anne】Yeah or how about chocolate? Chocolate’s a great substitute.

【Chris】I’m already addicted to chocolate too.


【Chris】(Do) You think I can try replacing it with maybe running or I don’t know gum? People say I should…I should just quit cold turkey but I don’t know man. That seems too tough.

【Anne】Well you know I think you have a lot more will power than you think.

【Chris】Oh why thank you.

【Anne】If you just um access it by…just telling yourself you can do it.


【Anne】And just going through the uncomfortable few days of not smoking then you can just come out victorious.

【Chris】I’m gonna (going to) try that. I’m gonna (going to) turn over a new leaf. I’m gonna (going to) try to just tell myself…just…it’s only a few days of pure unadulterated

【Anne】How many cigarettes do you smoke? Like a day?

【Chris】A lot.


【Chris】Yeah a lot.

【Anne】And you’re into Jiu-Jitsu?

【Chris】I do Jiu-Jitsu a lot. Yeah I know I just…

【Anne】That’s not a good…

【Chris】Not a good combination.



【Anne】First of all you’ve gotta (got to) make a plan like you’ve gotta (got to) know when you’re gonna (going to) quit smoking.

【Chris】Oh that’s a good idea.

【Anne】Yeah put it on your calendar.

【Chris】Mm hm.

【Anne】(Do) You know about the special gum?

【Chris】I did. I heard about the nicotine gum. But I’ll just be addicted to the nicotine gum.

【Anne】No you won’t. No you won’t.

【Chris】I won’t get addicted?

【Anne】It doesn’t taste that good.

【Chris】Oh it doesn’t taste that good? Have you tried it?

【Anne】Cuz (Because) I’ve been through that. I quit smoking myself.

【Chris】Oh congratulations. Wow that’s huge news. How…How did you quit? You tried with the nicotine gum?

【Anne】I did. A little bit. I think I gained a few pounds.

【Chris】Mm hm.

【Anne】But you know that’s expected.



【Chris】Were you eating more? Or were you…

【Anne】I just you know I just needed to uh have something to chew on. You know so…

【Chris】Right. What was your snack food?

【Anne】And sweets you know.

【Chris】Oh my gosh. Yeah.

【Anne】Yeah sweets. (It) Took over my life.

【Chris】Did they really?


【Chris】So from smoking to sweets for a little while.

【Anne】Yeah. Mm hm. You can do it Chris.

【Chris】I will try. I will try. I’m gonna (going to) make a plan. I’m gonna (going to) get a bunch of sweets. Actually I already have that plan. And uh yeah.

【Anne】No you can do it.

【Chris】Alright, thank you so much. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

【Anne】You’re welcome.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. What kind of food & drinks does Anne recommend to quit smoking?
  2. Why doesn’t Chris want to try the nicotine gum?
  3. Does Anne smoke?



  1. Anne recommends coffee and chocolate.
  2. He’s worried he will get addicted to the nicotine gum.
  3. No, she doesn’t. She used to smoke but she quit.



Chris is trying to quit smoking. He smokes a lot and he knows it’s not good for him. However, he feels it’s too tough to quit.

Anne suggests him to drink coffee or eat chocolate instead of smoking. She tells Chris he just has to go through a few uncomfortable days of not smoking.
アンさんはタバコの代わりにコーヒーとチョコレートを提案します。 落ち着かない数日間を過ごさないといけませんがそれを乗り越えることを勧めます。

Anne also encourages Chris to try the nicotine gum. She advises him to make a plan before quitting.

Chris is worried he will get addicted to the nicotine gum. However, Anne reassures him that he won’t because it doesn’t taste good.

Anne used to smoke too. She used the nicotine gum to help her quit.

During this time she ate a lot of sweets. She ended up gaining a few pounds because of it.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Has been around for(〜からずっとある)

◎「Has been around for」は「昔からずっとある」や「長い事続いている」というニュアンスで、「長い期間」が強調されます。
◎「昔からずっとある」は「It’s been around for a long time」これは決まり文句なのでそのまま覚えましょう。
◎「It’s been around for」の後に具体的な数字や期間を入れる事もできます。

  • Coffee has been around for a million of years.(コーヒーは昔からずっとあります)
  • Fax machines have been around for a long time.(ファックスは昔からずっとあります)
  • This ramen shop has been around for at least 20 years.(このラーメン屋は少なくとも20年間は続いてます)

2) Quit cold turkey(きっぱりとやめる)

◎ タバコやお酒など依存している物を少しずつ減らしていくのではなく、スパッと突然やめてしまうことを表します。
◎ 薬物中毒の人が突然ドラッグをやめると、冷や汗をかき始め、鳥肌が立ちます。その様子が「ターキー(七面鳥)」の皮膚のように見える事からこの表現が成り立ちました。
◎ この表現はタバコをきっぱりとやめる時によく使われます。

  • I should just quit cold turkey.(きっぱりと止めたほうがいいですね)
  • I’m going to quit cold turkey.(きっぱりと止めます)
  • He quit smoking cold turkey.(彼はタバコをきっぱりと止めました)

3) Go through(つらいことを経験する)

◎「Go through」は色々な意味がありますが、ここでは苦労をしたり、困難な状況に立ち向かっている することを表します。
◎「今」辛い思いをしている場合は「I’m going though」「過去」に大変な思いをした場合は「I went through」または「I’ve been through」を使いましょう。

  • I’ve been through that.(私も同じ苦労をしました)
  • I’m going through tough times.(今、つらい 時期を迎えています)
  • He’s been through a lot.(彼は今まで苦労してきました)

4) Turn over a new leaf(心機一転する)

◎ 気持ちを入れ替えて、新しくスタートすること、やり直すことを英語で「Turn over a new leaf」と言います。
◎ 昔、英語ではページの事を「Leaf(葉っぱ)」と呼んでいました。「Turn over a new leaf」ようするに「新しいページをめくる」ことからこのイディオムが成り立ちました。

  • I’m going to turn over a new leaf. (心機一転します)
  • It’s time to turn over a new leaf. (気持ちを入れ替えて心機一転する時です)
  • You should turn over a new leaf and try again.(心機一転してやり直したらどうですか?)

5) Gain weight(太る)

◎ 体重が増えること、太ることを英語で「Gain weight」と表します。「Get fat」も使えますが「Fat」は「デブ」のイメージがあるので意味としてはちょっと強く感じます。
◎ 今日の会話でアンさんが「I gained a few pounds」と使いましたが、「数キロ体重が増えた」ようするに「ちょっと太った」を意味します。「Weight」の代わりに具体的に何キロ太ったかを入れる事もできます。

  • I think I gained weight.(太ったと思います)
  • Did you gain weight?(太りました?)
  • I gained 5 pounds last month.(先月2キロ太りました)



  • Oh why・・・あら
  • Into ____・・・〜が好き、夢中
  • First of all・・・まず
  • Big/Huge news・・・大ニュース
  • That’s expected・・・それは起きて当然のこと
  • Chew on・・・〜を噛む
  • Take over my life・・・人生を支配する
  • Take it out on・・・(怒り)をぶつける
  • Sorta (Sort of)・・・ちょっと
  • For a little while・・・しばらくの間
  • A bunch of・・・たくさんの



  • Well studied・・・よく研究された
  • Substitute・・・代わりの
  • Addicted to・・・中毒
  • Will power・・・意志
  • Uncomfortable・・・居心地が悪い
  • Victorious・・・勝利
  • Unadulterated・・・純粋の
  • Nicotine・・・ニコチン
  • このエントリーをはてなブックマークに追加



  1. Aki Motoki より:

    1回目聞いたときは、クリスさんがタバコをどうやってやめるのがいいかアドバイスをアンさんに求め、アンさんは自分の経験からアドバイスをしているのはわかるのですが、coffeeやchocolate’s、nicotine gum等の単語や、gaind a few pondsやsweetsから何となく意味はとれるものの、30%くらいしか理解できませんでした。
    Have a nice day!

    • Jun より:



  2. kote より:

    I’ve never smoked in my life, but i used to have lots of smokers around in college… I heard secondーhand smoking is worse than smoking itself, so it must’ve affected my health in a negative way(- -;)

    • Jun より:

      Hi Kote,

      I’ve read some studies in the past about second-hand smoking. Like you mentioned, studies have shown that it is in fact, worse than smoking. That is one of the reasons why California is very strict about public smoking. Let’s hope Japan cracks down on smoking in public areas too!! You have to live a long life, Kote!

  3. kote より:

    Hi Jun,

    You can say that again. In Japan, more and more public areas have become smoking free. Having said that, I still see some people walking/cycling down the street while smoking. It’s public nuisance. I feel they are more annoying than oblivious texters on the street because texting while walking is dangerous mostly for themselves but smoking while walking can hurt other people…
    Anyway, thank you for your response! I’ve learnt “strict about” and “crack down on” out of it.

  4. Kotone より:

    I quit smoking cold turkey. I used neither nicotine gum, nor nicotine patch. I just drunk a lot of kobucha (kelp tea powder) whenever I had cravings for cigarettes, and took a walk around the room because I needed to do something to forget about cigarette.
    If you have a strong willpower you can do to succeed.
    Good luck, Chris. But it’s not easy to find kobucha in the U.S. Substitute it for herb tea?

    Jun san,
    I hope Goro gets better soon.
    By the way, did you see Jenga-cat on Youtube video? She’s so cute.

    • Jun より:

      Hey Kotone,

      That’s amazing news!! Congratulations! I know there are many different products to help smokers quit but it seems like quitting turkey is the best way to do it. Your will power will get tested but if you are determined, you can overcome it. You proved that. I’m very proud of you!! Fortunately, Southern California has many Japanese markets so it’s not difficult to find Japanese products. I’m sure they sell Kobucha here too. I’ll let Chris know.

      Goro is getting better!! After taking some medications prescribed by the vet, he’s been improving. They said he had an inflammation in the bladder. I guess he’s a pretty sensitive cat. I haven’t seen Jenga-cat on YouTube yet but I’ll check it out this weekend. Thanks for thinking about Goro!!

      • Kotone より:

        Thanks for a lot for the lovely compliments! The main reasons I wanted to quit smoking is to save money and health.
        I can’t imagine Chris, jiu-jitsu guy, sips hot kobucha tea. But I hope it works for him.

        Please take special care of him.

        • Kotone より:

          One more thing to Chris, he should swear to quit smoking to his friends or family.

          • Kotone より:

            I screwed up!
            I should say, “Thank you for the congratulations”, in response to congratulations because I remembered you said to me before. I really learned. Thanks.

  5. Kosei より:

    Hi, Jun.

    I usually don’t smoke.
    But, whenever I drink, I want to smoke.
    Because I become buzzed after smoking.
    It is strange for me when I’m sober, taste of tobacco is bad…tho..:(
    In fact, I haven”t smoke for 3 weeks and I didn’t go through anything.
    In addition, as is often the case, people who smoke tend to become friends quickly and deeply.
    I heard Indian who live next to my room about this, and then he said that “India is also same haha”.
    Is it same all over the world?

    By the way, my father was a heavy smoker.
    He quit cold turkey, as my elder brother was suffering from second-hand smorking.
    I felt well power of my father or his affection to his son was really strong at the time. 🙂

    I liked a sentence, “Thank you so much for your inspiration.”
    I’m always given you a nice inspiration.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration!!

    • Jun より:

      Hi Kosei,

      Thanks for sharing your story Kosei! My father is also a heavy smoker and he has been smoking for quite some time now. He’s tried quitting many times but he could never kick the habit. I hope he can quit smoking one day just like your dad!! Smokers definitely attract one another…類は友を呼ぶだね(笑)

  6. hiro23 より:

    First of all you’ve gotta (got to) make a plan like you’ve gotta (got to) know when you’re gonna (going to) quit smoking.

    • Jun より:


      こんにちは。”You have go to”は”You have to”の口語的な言い方で、「〜をしなければならない」を意味します。アメリカ人は”You have to”の代わりに”You’ve gotta”を使う傾向があります。

  7. kotaro より:



    • Jun より:


      こんにちは!YouTube & Podcastを視聴してくれてありがとうございます!Podcastの会話はアメリカ人のリアルな日常会話をフィルターなしで収録したものなので、慣れるまでは時間はかかります。必ずしも教科書通りの英語に沿って会話が進むわけでなく、時には話が脱線したり、時には文法ルールに従わない口語表現を使ったりなど、まさにリアルな会話です。まだ、15回目なので、まだまだこれからです!Live Conversationの内容が全く分からない場合、事前にスクリプトや会話の要約に目を通しておくといいでしょう。Live Conversationを聞く前に会話の内容や紹介される表現を把握していれば、ちょっとはわかりやすくてなると思います。くじけずに頑張ってください!そして、何より楽しんで聞いてくださいね!

  8. ユピ より:

    クリスさんのI don’t know manのmanの意味が分かりません。お忙しいとは思いますが教えて頂けると嬉しいです!

    • Jun より:


      こんにちは。manは、特に深い意味がありません。manは「男性」を意味する単語ですが、日常会話ではセンテンスの文末に加えることがあり、特にアメリカでは男性が使う傾向があります。例えば、日本語で言うと方言のようなもので、関西人が文末に「〜や」と言うのと似ています。なので、”I don’t know”と”I don’t know, man”は全く同じ意味です。

  9. ray より:


    ①it’s only a few days of pure unadulterated…



    • Jun より:



  10. Hiro より:

    一点ご質問です。go through には沢山の意味があると教えていただきました。
    Get through という表現もよく聞きます。
    Through と意味を幅広く理解した方がいいでしょうか?

    • Jun より:


      こんにちは。そうですね、そのような表現はphrasal verb(句動詞)と言いますが、色々な組み合わせがあり、組み合わせによって意味が異なります。本当はこのような表現を覚える効率的な方法を教えたいのですが、一つ一つ覚えていくしかありません。アメリカ人の会話をたくさん聞けばこのような表現がいっぱい出てきますので、日常会話を大量に聞いて慣れていくことがベストだと思います。頑張ってください!

  11. Junichi より:

    早速ですが、質問があります。コーヒーの話題のところで、ChrisがThey day…と続けていますが、ここでTheyを使う意味はなんでしょうか?People的な意味でしょうか?

    • Jun より:


      こんにちは!Podcastで学習していただき、ありがとうございます。They say ~ は「〜らしい」や「〜だそうだ」を意味し、一般的に知られていることや言われていることを表現するときに使われます。ディクテーションとシャドーイング頑張ってください!

  12. Tomo より:

    Hi, Jun

    I have a question about the meaning of “Take over my life” in the conversation. It means something dominates her life so what does she say dominates her life in the situation, sweets or the uncomfortable period of not smoking?

  13. Hiiro より:






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