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Released: 2014.06.07




【Jeff】I have another roommate that’s…he’s like 65, around there but he…I thought he was like 90. And he just really doesn’t seem like he’s taken care of himself very well cuz (because) he looks so much older than he really is.


【Jeff】And um he just…he also doesn’t seem to have a lot of common sense like he’ll cook but he won’t turn the fan on and he doesn’t know how to work the fire alarm. So like the fire alarm just goes off and so finally my other roommate just disabled the fire alarm because it’s so annoying cuz (because) he doesn’t know how to use it.

【Chris】Hm, sounds safe.

【Jeff】And..yeah. We have other fire alarms that are not in the kitchen. (Laugh) But um yeah it’s…he’s…that’s…Mm he’s always causing small problems like that.

【Chris】Mm hm.

【Jeff】You know he’s always…when he uses the shower cuz we have shared bathroom. He uses the shower and it’s always coming unhinged and we have to put it back on and then he’s really unsanitary and dirty…like uh I actually take showers with sandals on because he has like dentures and he actually spits in the shower. It’s really gross.

【Chris】That is. That is really terrible.


【Chris】You need to move out.

【Jeff】(Laugh) We’re kicking him out.

【Chris】Yeah good for you.

【Jeff】As soon as we can.

【Chris】There ought to be a law.

【Jeff】(Laugh) Yeah.


Questions of the day(今日の質問)

  1. Why does the fire alarm go off?
  2. Why does Jeff wear sandals in the shower?
  3. What is Jeff planning on doing with his roommate?



  1. The fire alarm goes off because Jeff’s roommate doesn’t turn on the fan when he cooks.
  2. He wears sandals in the shower because his roommate is dirty and spits in the shower.
  3. He is planning on kicking him out.



Jeff has a dirty roommate who’s around 65 years old. He looks much older than 65 because he doesn’t take care of himself very well.

His roommate doesn’t have a lot of common sense. He doesn’t turn on the fan when he cooks so the fire alarm goes off.

Jeff’s other roommate got so annoyed he ended up disabling the fire alarm because the older roommate didn’t know how to turn it off.

Jeff shares bathrooms with his roommate. He wears sandals when he takes a shower because he his roommate spits in the shower.

Jeff is really disgusted by his unsanitary roommate. He is planning on kicking him out soon.


Phrases of the day(今日のフレーズ)

1) Common sense(常識)

◎ 常識または当たり前のことを「Common sense」と表します。
◎ 常識がある人、ない人は 「Have」を使って表します。常識がある人は「He/She has common sense」常識がない人は「He/She has no common sense」になります。

  • He doesn’t have a lot of common sense.(常識がほとんどない人です)
  • That’s common sense.(常識でしょう)
  • Just use common sense.(常識に考えたら分かるでしょう)

2) Put something back(元の場所に戻す)

◎「Put something back」は元の位置に戻したり、外れた物を元に戻すことを意味します。
◎「〜の上に戻す」は「Put back on」、「〜の中に戻す」は「Put back in」になります。

  • Can you put this back on the table?(これをテーブル上に戻してくれますか?)
  • I’ll put the book back in the shelf.(本を棚に戻します)
  • Please put the drinks back in the fridge.(飲み物を冷蔵庫の中に戻してください)

3) Gross(気持ち悪い)

◎ 人、物、場所などがあまりにも汚くて気持ち悪いと思う時に使われます。その他にも、料理がまずいことも表します。

  • It’s really gross.(とても気持ち悪いです)
  • That’s so gross.(それとても気持ち悪いね)
  • This food is really gross.(この食べ物すごいまずいね)

4) Move out(引っ越す)

◎ 英語で引っ越すはシンプルに「Move」と言いますが、「Move out」は 家やアパートから出ることを意味します。
◎ 家やアパートに入居すること、引っ越してくることは「Move in」といいます。

  • When are you moving out?(いつ家を出るんですか?)
  • I’m going to move out next week.(来週引っ越します)
  • I’m moving into my new apartment tomorrow.(明日新しいアパートに引っ越します)

5) Kick someone out(追い出す)

◎「Kick out」はルールに従わなかったり、態度や行動が悪いことが原因で追い出すことを表します。
◎「追い出された」は「Got kicked out」になります。

  • We are kicking him out.(彼を追い出します)
  • He got kicked out of school.(彼は退学になりました)
  • I got kicked out of the bar last night.(昨日バーから追い出されました)



  • Take care of oneself・・・体・健康を維持する
  • Look older・・・老けて見える
  • Turn on・・・付ける
  • Go off・・・(アラームが)鳴る
  • Take a shower・・・シャワーを浴びる
  • Good for you・・・よかったね



  • Fire alarm・・・火災報知器
  • Disable・・・解除する
  • Annoying・・・イライラする
  • Unhinge・・・蝶番から外す
  • Unsanitary・・・不衛生
  • Denture・・・入れ歯
  • Spit・・・つばを吐く
  • このエントリーをはてなブックマークに追加



  1. Kotone より:

    Hey Jun san,
    This is so gross!
    Oh well, I will just let you know that you’ve left “got” out in the second Ex sentence of 5).

  2. emi より:

    Hello Jun san, I really love yr podcast which is hugely fun and instructive! not only the dialogue but the small talks before and after of it. The small talk itself seems to have lots of useful expressions to learn from that we can use in everyday situations so Im just wondering if you show us the whole scripts for the episodes to come. on the off-chance…

    • Jun より:

      Hi Emi,

      Thanks for always listening to my podcast! I’m happy to hear that you are finding it useful.
      I’ve had some other listeners asking for the entire script. I may post them in the future 🙂

      Keep up the great work!

  3. Yui より:

    Hello Jun San!
    I always study with your podcast. Thank you!

    I don’t understand the last line “There ought to be a law”.
    What does this mean?

    • Jun より:

      Hi Yui!

      Thanks for always listening to Hapa Eikaiwa!
      Chris is actually joking with Matt here when he says “There ought to be a law.”


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